How to know if a guy wants a relationship or just a connection

Want to know how a guy wants a relationship or just a connection? Get these eight basic tips to help you get clear EVERY time.

how to know if a guy wants a relationship or just a connectionJust want to connect?

“Dear Ronnie,

I met a guy last August through a friend, then we connected to Instagram in March of this year. We send text messages, but I mostly start, well, he’s part of the time. Her heart was broken by their past relationship that ended nine months ago.

Speaking in a month, he said he wasn’t ready for an engagement this year, but then we started sending more text messages as well. I started two phone calls and he called me once; that’s all in these four months of chat. He has shared everything about his life with me.

He says he would like to meet me after the pandemic (he’s from another city). He also suggested a video call, but my internet connection is bad. It’s been over a month since he last called. I’ve given him enough clues that I like and now I’m frustrated.

How do you know if you just want your body?

Two days ago he said he would connect with me if we both didn’t expect anything in the long run. I felt a little hurt after reading this. It’s not that I’m thinking long term, I just really like it. But for me to say that, I couldn’t understand why.

He says he is very shy and very insecure about his appearance. I even told him how handsome he is, so he doesn’t feel that way about himself. He also says that I am beautiful and that he has not connected me with any woman the way he has connected with me.

What should I do? Go ahead or wait for it? I need help figuring out if a guy wants a relationship or just a connection.

Thank you so much,
Vigil “

Dear Eva,

I can see why you feel frustrated by your interactions with this man. But I’ll help you unravel what’s really going on here, so you’ll know EXACTLY how to proceed.

He doesn’t want a relationship

signals you want a connectionFirst and foremost, this guy said he doesn’t want a relationship. If you were my love and dating training client, you would know right away that this is the end of the line for any man. This is the only time you KNOW that a man is telling the truth, when he says something, even remotely similar, that drives you away:

  • I’m not looking for a relationship
  • I’m not ready for a relationship
  • I’m not looking for anything serious
  • I’m not looking for a relationship, but I’m glad to meet you and see what happens
  • I need space, but I’m glad to meet you

This is your chance to NOT go through this kind of confusion again. The moment a boy utters something like these lines, say, “Thank you for letting me know,” and MOVE IMMEDIATELY.

Emotionally unavailable

Men who don’t want anything serious often say, “I’ve had a broken heart.” Other similar phrases with the same meaning include:

  • I distrust women
  • I am afraid of intimacy
  • I’m afraid to approach
  • I was very hurt
  • My ex was horrible, bad, crazy, and so on.
  • I have never been in love
  • I am shy and not confident enough

These comments let you know one of two things.

Option 1 – He was really hurt. Please know that you can’t help him outdo anyone or prove that great women exist. If he is hurt, he needs to heal his heart ALL FOR HIMSELF.

Option # 2 – Some smart men know that women can be suckers for a man in pain. This is highly manipulative. He knows he can lure you to his website by telling you his sad story.

It earns your trust in this way, so that you can take advantage of your good heart and your affectionate nature. And then accompany yourself in his way without any expectation of him. Because he’s “hurt.” Or chain your emotional support with no intention of taking this to the next level.

When you meet a man who says he’s shy, hurt, or never in love, RUN. Or expect a devastating break because you will generously pour out your heart and soul to help it and it will lead nowhere.

6 more signals you just want to connect

how to know if a guy wants a relationship or just a connectionIf you’re still curious about whether a guy wants a relationship or just a connection, here are six simpler signs to clarify.

Just congratulations on your appearance Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. If I wanted a relationship, I would also be interested in your mind and personality.

Especially texts vs. And call – If you’re a big text messenger, but don’t put much effort into having a conversation and listening to the sound of your lovely voice, you’re looking for a connection. Men who want a relationship, want to spend time together and sleep with you.

Don’t introduce yourself to their breasts – If you’ve been seeing a guy (2-3 months) for a long time and he hasn’t introduced you to anyone in his life, don’t think long term. It may be great to sleep with you, but he doesn’t want any more.

Don’t go to REAL dates – Most of the time, your time with him is in your place or his, rather dating. I might take it out or watch a movie with you, but so far. That’s not how a quality man treats you.

Everything is at your convenience – If watching it is strictly based on your timing and convenience, you are likely to have narcissistic tendencies. Or he doesn’t care about making you happy because he doesn’t talk to you seriously anyway.

Still in apps or online – This does not apply to you, but a man you know through the web and who after a couple of months does not delete his profile or accept the exclusivity is not looking for a lasting relationship.

And that’s like knowing if a guy wants a relationship or just a connection.

Don’t text or talk for months waiting for a man

how to know if a guy wants a relationship or just a connectionIf you haven’t started dating, just text or talk, even the four months you’ve spent are too long. Life is short! What are you waiting for? That’s why I’m not a fan of long-distance relationships. Forget about this guy and look for love locally.

To learn more about the long distance relationship, you may want to read this.

My dating advice is to never wait for a man who won’t get serious. And with this guy, you haven’t had a date yet. I’m sorry to say, it looks like you’ve put your hopes in a distant love that won’t unfold.

Aren’t you thinking long term?

Okay, now this view is about you. You say you don’t think long term, but you really like it. This type of emotional conflict is very common in women. As a love and dating coach, I see it all the time and the truth is that you are not completely honest with yourself.

The truth is that you want a relationship or you don’t care about their desire to connect. If you feel casual about all of this, none of this would bother you.

When you start to have feelings, this is your signal that you really want the whole enchilada, even if you are not totally honest with yourself. Most women want a man they can trust and see often to enjoy life, snuggle up and share their daily ups and downs. This is normal!

Unfortunately, however, many women put this desire on hold, hoping that a man who is not prepared to meet this basic human need will somehow come. That if you act in a certain way, you are super friendly, really helpful or very comforting, and more patient, he will magically become the man you want.

Of course, this is a recipe for misfortune and it will do so every time.

More information with 7 tracks you are not thinking about in the long run

Going out with a man who is ready

You may not always know the first time you connect, talk, or know if a guy is ready for a relationship. But if you look at these signs and don’t look like them … He’s probably a quality guy who’s ready for lasting love.

He will keep in touch, see you a few times a week, ask you to be exclusive, or accept your request. And he will make your happiness a priority, introduce you to friends and family, include you in his life and decisions, and at some point tell you that he loves you. In addition, he is consistent, thoughtful, supportive and loving.

And so you know you’ve found a goalkeeper! A man who wants and is PREPARED for lasting love.

How to know if a guy wants a relationship or just a connection

So now you know. You know what to look for in a quality man who wants the same kind of relationship as you. And now you know how to spot a guy who just wants to connect. These tips will never fool you if you put them to work.

The trick is that you have to look at the love potential of any man in a more fact-based than emotional way. His ability to be a good candidate is NOT based on your feelings for him or how much you like him. Instead, it’s all in his behavior And if he says something meant to get you away.

My dating advice for you is to stop bothering with this guy and look locally for the love and relationship you really want. The right man is out there, so get out there and mingle!

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