How To Know If You Should Keep Trying With Him | Relationship Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

Valuing People

We must value people as they are. Trying to change people or treating them as a tool to get what we want is not valuing them. We must not try to force people in any way. It will not work.

How To Tell If The Relationship Will Work or Not

Girlfriend boyfriend relationships should be fun. People tend to take them too seriously these days. They make their lives a living hell by fighting over small things, getting into silly arguments and trying to dominate each other’s lives.

How to Live a Successful Life With Your Man (Use Shyness and Victim Card)

If you want to live a successful life with your man, you have to understand that relationships are not as strong as we think. They are very fragile, even a small misunderstanding can ruin them forever.

6 Questions to Ask Before Ending the Relationship

There will come a point that we need to let go, but is letting go really the option? Before we do something that could hurt us still in time, pause for a while and think.

3 Magic Words To Open The Door of Love

Love is a wonderful feeling. It will conquer everything. First years of being together is such a wonderful experience. But you know what makes it the greatest? It is when you both go through every itch in the relationship but you manage to help and protect each other.

3 F’s of Kiss and Make Up

The 3 F’s of kiss and make up is a system that the couple should follow. It is just as simple as 1,2,3. This simple pattern is a way to build a stronger and deeper relationship. Let us see the process and see if it works for you and the love of your life. You might not know this simple step works for you both.

The Deep Social Wish – “Don’t Change Me”

The right to change is personal. Only personal change sticks. Only when we want to change, a habit, or to reinvent ourselves, will we actually change. Yet, we exist in a world that insists on changing people. From our processes of education, business, marketing, technology, family, and social sciences; all of these exist to change people… But, we must be the ones who decide.

Relationship Success – Creating a Secure Foundation

Relationships that are mutually satisfying and beneficial to both parties are on everybody’s ‘want’ list. Yet too many of us end up still ‘wanting’ in that department. Use these three ways to establish the firm foundation that are key to building healthy relationships.

Choosing the Perfect Gift for His Birthday

Today is May 28, 2012… which means, there’s exactly eighty four days before his birthday. Translated to weeks, that’s precisely 8 weeks from now, and translated to months, that’s a little less than 3 months. It might still be quite a long time from now, but I’m the type who gets excited easily when something special is coming up, regardless if it’s still months from now. I don’t have any gifts for him yet (yes, that’s right, I usually give him more than one gift) nor do I have any gift ideas for him.

How To Be A Good Girlfriend – Get Him to Commit In 3 Easy Steps!

A lot of girls find it easy to get themselves into a relationship, yet have a hard time trying to maintain it and make it last. Most of them commit mistakes which often end up with their love and relationship being compromised and eventually put an end to them. Because of this, most women need to figure out how to be a good girlfriend for their guy in order to make their relationships work out.

How Do I Criticise Someone Without Having My Head Bitten Off?

No one likes their faults to be pointed out and some with thin skins see criticism as a personal attack. They get shirty, defensive or bite back. You probably would think twice before taking the risk of saying what you really think to them. Yet keeping quiet means not doing anything about the problem.

They’re Just People Like You and Me

Famous and well-respected kinds of people we easily awe. But they are just people like you and me. Being creditable before people we esteem highly is simply about harnessing our imaginations and consciously managing our moments.

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