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Theories of Personality

This article discusses conditioning and social learning theory. What are some ways that human cultures differ? How do gender, race, and modernity figure in human culture? An explanation of the various trait theories follows. In relation to the nature-nurture debate, behaviorism focuses on the nature or environment as a main cause of behaviors. From the environment, people learn two types of behaviors: classical and instrumental or operant conditioning. In the first one, creatures associate stimuli that are close in time. In the second one, consequences, which are either rewards or punishments, shape the learning and behaviors. Personally, I am aware that my unconscious makes association at all times and I may be unaware of them for a while. I make sure that my associations or beliefs are supporting me and my desired lifestyle. I prefer rewards to punishments. Personally, at this stage of my life, I would never intentionally do anything deserving a punishment. I have successfully trained my cat and dog with rewards. They are so loving and obedient, a casting company here in Los Angeles had asked me to use them for movies, but I kept them at home. The social learning theory says that cognitive variables…

Seriously Sorry – Really?

In so many instances of class action there’s one party – usually an organisation, a government, or nation – that’s taken unfair, even abusive or neglectful, advantage of other parties. Sometimes to the point of criminality. It’s amazing, then, how often these massive entities have shirked their moral responsibilities, not owning up to their mistakes – not apologising when they should.

I Am Obsessed With Him! Learn Some of the Important Things You Must Do Right Away

Are you stuck in a situation where you simply can’t seem to get this special guy out of your mind? Do you constantly…

Attraction and Relationships

People form attitudes towards other people. These attitudes are evaluations or interpersonal attractions. Humans are social being and have an innate need to affiliate to cope through life. The degree of this need varies. Affective states influence attraction. A person can directly arouse effects or emotions in another person. A person can also indirectly arouse effects or emotions in another person, by simply being thought of. This type of indirect associated affect is used in advertising. Proximity can create attraction. For instance, two colleagues who are in each other’s proximity, in a repeated exposure, every day, could easily fall in love. This positive affect is called mere exposure effect. Physical attraction can create strong affects, although assumptions, which are based on physical appearance of people just met, are usually false. Evaluations are based on physical attraction, behaviors, diet preferences, names, weight, physique and similar superficial aspects. Height, especially for men, is associated to success.

Suggestions On How To Find A Quality Roommate

Though most people feel that they would prefer to live alone in their home, there are circumstances that make it necessary to get a roommate. Having a roommate does not need to be a burden. Having a roommate can be a good thing if you just take the time to choose the right roommate.

Men Made Easy Review – Does Kara Oh’s System Really Work?

Men Made Easy by Kara Oh is a very popular relationship guide for women on the market in these days. On this Men Made Easy review we will take a look at this relationship guide, learn what you will find inside and talk about some of the pros and cons of Kara Oh’s product.

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Strategies That Can Help You To Get Your Ex BF Back!

Have you been trying to discover how you can get your ex boyfriend back? Breaking up is one of the hardest things any of us ever need to go via. Breaking up with someone that you simply loved is painful. Many people in their lives have been via a very painful breakup.

Divorce For Men – Five Tips To Come Out On Top!

Separation and divorce puts males in a disadvantage. There’s prejudice within the law, prejudice in the legal courts, even prejudice in media that functions together to place you in a severe disadvantage if you’re a guy involved with a divorce. These things have actually put the prejudice into your own potential ex where she’ll expect more and pushing for more as well as most probably get it if you do not come prepared. Indeed, you are able to lose every thing.

Do You Count Your Blessings?

How many of us ever remember to count our blessings? Do you give thanks for your blessings? How do you remember the people who have helped you, believed in you, and loved you over the years? Do you start the day with a positive attitude remembering the blessings you were given?

Tackle Insecurities in Relationships, Find Out If You Are Codependent

If you tend to feel insecurities in relationships, you are not alone. But if you have a hang-up with constant feelings of inadequacy or obsession over your partner, you could be experiencing codependency. If you believe your relationship is unhealthy, identify the source of these insecurities and evaluate them to gauge whether or not these feelings are normal, or if you’re taking your concern to an unhealthy level. You could be engaging in obsessive love and feeling the need to control others as a result of your insecurities.

Couples Therapy – Stop Fighting All the Time With These Tips!

People grow up and enter associations and many think that ‘it should just work’. Whenever issues occur and battling happens all of us manage with the tools we acquired from our mother and father, instructors and prior associations. Here are some ways to help diffuse a tense situation between you and your partner.

The Lunacy of Jealousy

Jealousy. What is this emotion that wreaks so much havoc in the lives of so many of us? What is this invisible power that so relentlessly searches for suitable hosts and starts building its diabolic case with an ever-growing flow of suspicions and fear? Why is jealousy in some people so powerful that it drives them to the brink of insanity, triggering an unexplainable and often unwarranted fear of losing their loved ones to a rival (even to an imaginary one)?

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