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Addiction to Getting Others To Change

If you find yourself often focused on healing others or hoping you can get others to change, it is likely that you don’t think of this as an addiction. I define an addiction as anything we do to avoid taking responsibility for our own feelings. When you are focused on getting others to change, or hoping others will change, is this a way for you to avoid taking loving care of yourself?

How Do I Deal With My Critical Mother?

Dealing with critical people, especially a parent, is a challenge for all of us. Here are some options for dealing with a critical mother.

The Fear of Being Duped

No one likes being duped. It feels awful to realize that someone has pulled the wool over our eyes – that we were so naive we didn’t see that we were being duped, lied to or taken advantage of. However, since this painful experience happens to most of us at one time or another, we each have a choice – will we make protecting ourselves from being duped our highest priority, or will we make being open and loving more important than whether or not we get duped?

Emotional Intimacy And Its Importance In A Lasting Relationship

One of the major factors for a successful and a truly loving romantic relationship is intimacy. When you hear the word, the image that usually comes to mind is physical intimacy. Yes, although passion and physical touch is indeed one of the major factors of a successful relationship, emotional intimacy takes more than just…

Words Speak Louder Than Actions – A Writing Activity That Can Improve Your Relationship

Negative emotions are embedded in our brains more compared to positive emotions that stay in our short term memory, since the emotions aren’t really that strong. This also applies in our romantic relationships. We can remember the time when they lied to us, when they hurt us, but it’s difficult for us to remember the time when they gave us their coat when we were cold, or when they held your hand while awaiting medical results. Sometimes…

Sibling Rivalry is Something Worth Thinking About

If we want our children to have a close relationship, we must learn to refrain from comparing them in any way. As soon as we place them in any kind of a competition, we are chipping away at their ability to maintain a healthy loving connectedness.

Relationships: What Does Love Mean To You?

In today’s relationships love is often used to describe how someone feels about another person and as a description of what one is looking for. The world is made up all of kinds of relationships and although there are general meanings when it comes to love; there are also radically different ones.

Some Helpful Tips For Getting Back With Your Ex

Now, if your ex already happens to have someone new, then don’t give up on them just yet. If you really love them and know deep down inside that they love you too, then it won’t matter who else is involved at the moment. The secret would be…

How to Save a Relationship – 3 Tips That Will Turn Your Life Around

Do you feel the ground slowly but inevitably slipping out from under your relationship? If you feel that you are on very thin ice with your man then you need to take corrective measures without any delay. Remember that nothing is over until it is really over.

Three Signs of a Healthy Relationship

There are three surefire ways to tell if you are in a relationship that is good for you. You will be surprised at what they are.

Stop Envy and Heal Pain Through Care for Others

We all experience envy throughout our lifetimes. But even though it may always be present, we can keep envious feelings restrained. All of us struggle to balance our lives. We presume on the surface others have life easier.

Top Tips on How to Get Back Together After a Failed Relationship

A lot of the time, breakups occur because of trivial reasons. So, if you just broke up with your loved one because of something petty, then you can learn how to get back together with them and start over. Naturally, you will have to be humble during this journey and…

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