How To Make Him Chase You – Teen Edition!

How To Stop Analyzing A Man To Bring Him Closer Than Ever

If you’ve ever found yourself analyzing a man or trying to “figure him out” – here’s what you should be doing instead. This will build a deep attraction with a man, inspire him to pursue YOU, and bring him closer than ever.

Altruism Vs Egotism

Our modern society is one of selfishness and self-centeredness. Most of our thoughts surround ourselves. Altruism is a conscious concern for he welfare of the whole of humanity. This article compares the outcome of both attitudes.

It Is the Relationship Journey That Counts

Today in a client’ session I heard myself say: A happy relationship with your partner might be your goal but it is not the purpose of (relationship) life. Let me explain.

Truth for Living (Inspiration From Holy Scriptures)

In to-days’ world, there is an inner search in the hearts of many people. It is a desperate search. It is a search for something. It is a search for Truth…

Relationships: Is The Fear Of Being Abandoned Causing You To Put Up With People Who Are Controlling?

There is a big difference between wanting to experience a sense of control over one’s life, and wanting to control other people. When one experiences a sense of control over their life, it means that they’re not going to feel as though they have no control and as though they are a victim.

Wasting Your Life – Staying Together When Love Slips Away

It was 6:00 AM, again; time to start another day like the last day and every day. They rolled over and looked at each other; their eyes never met. Slowly, quietly and without fanfare, their love for each other had slipped away. Neither really saw the other. Their life was a routine. She to get the children up, rush to make their breakfast and he to get dressed for work and drop them at the bus stop. There was talk, but little conversation. Just two adults seemingly programmed to perform the same tasks every day at the same time in the same house. As the door slammed and the house grew quiet, she began the daily process of cleaning up and getting ready for her own job.

Working Towards a Healthy Distance Relationship

Distance, especially if a long one, is a real drawback in a relationship. It could end up in a homecoming or simply drifting away. In most cases where distance is getting into a couple’s relationship, both must do some effort to work it out. It always takes two to tango and when one is left on the dance floor to dance with the beat, everything will soon prove to be a real show just to humor the one that stays to watch.

Five Signs That You’re With the Wrong Group of People

One’s happiness in relation to one’s self value is unique to everyone else. There are loads of reasons to feel happy about. It could be that you’ve finally graduated from school, earning on your own, or maybe have been able to enjoy the things you’ve so long been yearning for.

Looking Through The Eyes of Love – Abuse Through A Child’s Eyes

He was barely fourteen now; he stood staring at the rocks below, at the water that streamed over them and into the pools that formed just under the dam. He had spent a lot of time here, some just to think, some to fish and most times, to escape. He swallowed the hot tears that freely ran down his cheeks as he wondered why nobody, nobody, nobody cared.

Is He Looking For A Relationship Or Someone To Casually Date?

Women ask me all the time, “How can I tell if a man is looking for a serious relationship, or if he just wants to casually date? What can you look for early on in dating to be able to tell so you don’t waste time?” Here’s how to tell and what to do about it…

Technology and Relationships: To Connect Or Disconnect

Technology is neither helpful nor hurtful for relationships; it is how we choose to use technology that determines whether we harm or help our relationships. We need to examine whether we are controlling our use of technology or we are allowing technology to control us.

Relationships: Is Grieving Unmet Childhood Needs An Important Part Of Having Healthy Relationships?

While one can have the need to experience relationships that are fulfilling and life affirming, it doesn’t mean that this is what takes place. Instead, one can end up in relationships that are not only unfulfilling, they could also be extremely abusive.

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