How to Meet your Valentine’s Day Match without Dating Apps

Although the past two years have been highly challenging for singles looking for love, there’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to take a long hard look at their priorities in life and what things matter most.

Because of this, more and more singles are making the conscious choice to go out into the world and actively seek out finding love rather than waiting for love to come to them.

Dating apps can be great ways to meet fellow singles, but when quick results don’t come, it can be disheartening and cause some to give up, leading to social stagnation and the need for something new.

As we push deeper into 2022, the answer may be to temporarily disconnect from the digital dating landscape and head out into the physical world so you can interact and connect with quality singles while simultaneously having fun doing it. That is why I have put together my list of the top 5 places to meet singles outside in the world.

# 1 – Go to Pet Parks & Join a Pet Group

For many of us, pets are a big part of life, and since the pandemic began, more and more people are turning to our furry friends for companionship and affection. So, if you have a pet or are just an animal lover, now is an excellent opportunity to try and connect with like-minded singles.

You dog lovers will find both indoor and outdoor dog parks are great places to intermingle with your dog and other singles. If cats are your first love, you might head out to one of the over 100 cat cafes in the US or even go on the Meow Meow Cruise designed just for cat lovers. also has thousands of groups on their site whose membership consists of owners of specific animals or breeds. So, whether you have a French bulldog, a calico cat, or a ferret, there is likely to be a group for you.

# 2 – Volunteer or Attend a Charity Event

Volunteering is a great way to meet quality singles and also do some good for your community in the process. In my Conscious Dating ProgramsI teach the principle of “Like Attracts Like”, which states that you attract the very people, situations, and relationships similar to you in how they think and live your life.

If you are someone who wants to develop a long-term relationship with a caring and giving person, what better way to do just that than by showing that you’re a caring and giving person yourself. There are also charitable events or galas to attend to allow you to socialize with philanthropical singles fighting for a cause.

Whether it’s animals, the homeless, the environment, or another community, make sure your choice in fighting for this cause is an authentic one that you are or believe you can be passionate about.

If you are not sure what cause is right for you, you might try sites like and who use your location and interests to find the right organization for you to get behind.

# 3 – Join an Athletic Club or League

If you want to inject a little more fun into your dating life, there’s no better way to do so than participating in a fun activity. Whether your jam is a hiking, flag football, or darts, there’s almost certainly an event or league for you.

These activities are an extremely low-pressure way to meet fellow singles and non-singles alike while participating in something you can enjoy. If you’re interested in adventuring out of your comfort zone by trying something new, take a look at Clubawaka Social Sports.

This national social club offers a wide range of adult sports leagues (kickball, softball, bowling, cornhole, etc.), social activities, and events, including weekend destination tournaments, ski trips, cruises, camping trips, and plenty of fun and exciting holidays and parties!

If you are nervous about meeting someone in person, watch this video below with 5 tips that will help you land that first date (article continues below).

# 4 – Take an Adult Class

Taking a class automatically puts you into the company of like-minded people who are also looking to expand their mind, body, and / or soul. Maybe you want to improve your cooking ability or to take better photographs, or finally learn to salsa dance. better photographs, or finally learn to salsa dance.

Whatever class you sign up for, you’ll not only have a chance to connect with others in a stimulating, new environment but also come away with new skills or knowledge that will make you more attractive to others.

Although I’m married, I recently had a lot of fun taking both painting and improv classes, and there were definitely quality singles in them. Pinots Palette not only teaches you to paint your very own painting in just a few hours, but you get to have some wine while doing it.

When you finally sign up for a course you like, always remember to put yourself out there and chat up any fellow singles in the class. The reason you’re taking the course should be to learn something new, yes, but setting the intention to always be on the lookout for that special someone should never be far from your mind.

# 5 – Try Speed ​​Dating

For those of you who have not spent a lot of time on dates recently, speed dating might be exactly what you need to reignite your search for your forever partner. That’s because, like any skill that’s been neglected for a while, it might get a little rusty.

So, sign up for an event and sharpen your first date communication and connection skills by going on 5-10 five-minute mini-dates without the time commitment and pressure that can come with the more standard first date.

And the best part is even if you don’t make a love connection at the speed dating events, you will have improved your one-on-one dating skills, so when that special someone does come around, you’ll be ready.

One of the best speed dating companies out there is Pre-Datingwhich offers speed dating events in most major cities around the country at a reasonable price.

If you need more personal support check out my Path to Love program to help you find lasting love this year.

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