How to recover from an almost real relationship

What is an “almost relationship?” I bet you already know what I mean without the explanation, but just in case, I’ll go and explain it.

Defining the relationship almost

almost relationship

You are captivated and perhaps in love with a dodging man. Maybe he can send a lot of text messages or even call Facetime. It may be something long-distance or it’s just too busy to see you. Maybe lunch with you or take you on a date night.

However, you are so attached to him and attracted as a moth by a flame, that you are willing to accept his limited attention or his bread crumb relationship.

You tell yourself that any time with him is better than nothing. And you feel like he’s “The Only One” and no other man will or will compare.

You have a dream of what your relationship with him might be like. It seems so close to what you want and you’re almost there. Your conversations are intimate and sweet. He shared it with you deeply and revealed his personal details, because you know you are someone special to him.

It’s not a real relationship

However, this is not a complete relationship. He may care about you, but in general, he doesn’t care enough to have the close, face-to-face romantic relationship you want.

No matter how much you dream or think about it, he completely fails when it comes to being your romantic partner. It’s just not available for everything you want.

Awakening to Reality

almost relationship Waking up to see the reality of your relationship is hardly an easy task. Maybe one day he will disappear without saying a word. Or their contact with you comes down to nothing. And you find yourself because he is no longer a part of your life.

Unfortunately, sharing your love, support, and care is no longer an option.

Sometimes understanding happens when you are honest with yourself about wanting MORE. So you know, without a doubt, that this is not a real relationship, and almost a relationship.

So, bottom line is that you’re probably starting to blame yourself for things that don’t work out. Review in detail everything that happened, looking for what took you away. You think you must have done something wrong.

Why am I not enough?

For some reason beyond your knowledge, you just weren’t good enough. Maybe she’s not pretty enough, she’s smart enough, or you’re not sure what. Still, it seems to be your fault.

This is natural: this is how women react. We blame ourselves and think we are not good enough. As a result, review your conversations and find out what went wrong, dragging your respect and self-esteem through the mud.

So here’s the thing, you don’t need to ignore your feelings for him. They were REALS. It’s almost the relationship that wasn’t. Therefore, honor your feelings of love and the loss and rejection that followed.

What matters now is recovering and remembering that you are a great catch and deserve love. There is a good man who wants a woman like you.

It wasn’t your man or the lasting love you expected, but the next one might be. New opportunities will appear in your path as you heal.

He put you on

In all honesty, this guy probably guided you. He made you believe that he cared just as much as you did. He could have talked about the future together or said the sweetest things.

It is quite possible that he really cared, in his very limited way.

This is a real break

breadcrum relationshipBecause you loved this man, even though the relationship never fully materialized, acknowledge and acknowledge your loss. Go ahead and treat this as a regular breakup because it’s true for you.

This means that you may suffer for a while. Cry and eat ice cream. Call your friends for support and kindness because you need to feel listened to. You might watch some chick movies, go for a run, or take an Epsom salt bath with lavender to cleanse your energy and let it go.

Do what you would normally do after a breakup. Take the time to heal yourself and invest in self-care.

Then he swears you’ll almost never fall into this kind of relationship again. The days when you accept the crumbs of any man’s relationship are definitely over.

You deserve a real relationship, spending time with a man in person and building a life together. When you feel ready, go after it.

You can find true love, I did, and that’s why I know you can too.

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