How to reset your Tinder account

If you’ve seen a decrease in your matches or the quality of your matches, you should consider how to reset your Tinder account. Tinder continuously updates and tweaks its algorithm behind the scenes. However, depending on how you use the app. You could have damaged your “Elo” score, so the algorithm might not show you as many people as you would like.

This translates into fewer matches and dates. So how do we fix that? The short answer is that we will just reset the app and create another account.

This will allow you to reset your “Elo” and make it look like a new user so you can get what is called the noob boost.

However, you must do this correctly to ensure that Tinder does not connect the point. You don’t want them to see that you recently deleted your account and profile just to create a new one.

So when it comes to how to reset the Tinder algorithm, we treat it as if Tinder has been banned. All you have to do is create a new account with a different phone number to return the same day.

The same applies here. Of course, we only do this for a different reason, but all the basics still apply. So let’s talk about how to reset your Tinder account.

How to reset your Tinder account

The first step in resetting your Tinder account is to delete your account and also remove the app from your phone. The next step is to re-download the app and sign in with a new phone number. Also, be sure not to sign in to the same Facebook account you used earlier.

New phone numbers

When you start over with a new phone number, you have a couple of options. The first and easiest way is to use a Google voice number.

If you have a Gmail account, go to google and type google voice. If you have not yet claimed a number, it will be offered to you, and you can then use that phone number in the registration process to help you distance yourself from your old account.

The other alternative is simply the cheapest prepaid phone you can get from Amazon or a store like 7Eleven. Then all you have to do is sign up with this phone number to get the verification code and you’re ready to go.

Use a different phone to register

Now, it’s not a requirement, but it may be useful to use a different phone when you first sign in to your account.

This means that when you re-download the app and set up a new account, your device ID is different, so you move even further away from the old account.

The jury is still out on this effect if you use a different phone compared to the same phone, but it’s always best to do it carefully if you can.

Why reset your Tinder account?

The idea of ​​resetting your Tinder account, which also resets your Tinder algorithm, is to start over. The point of resetting your account is to appear as a newcomer receiving the noob boost.

It also helps because if you used to have a bad Elo score, now you won’t. In addition, we have some tips that we will talk about in a second about the best way to let the algorithm know that you are a high value user. And they have to show you good possible matches.

In short, we are resetting the account to have a better application experience and get the best matches possible. If you follow these steps on how to reset your Tinder account, you won’t be disappointed.

How to reset your Tinder account: Tips on the Tinder Algorithm

Once you’ve completed the steps on how to reset your Tinder account and algorithm, you’ll get this initial boost. However, it will disappear fairly quickly if you use the app incorrectly.

This includes things like not interacting with matches or profiles while sliding or sliding too far to the right. Also, people who respond less to your messages are a safe way to shut down your Elo.

So here’s an extensive list of best practices while using Tinder to make sure your Elo at least stays steady if you don’t upload more.

Link Spotify and Instagram

This is very easy to do. In fact, Tinder encourages you to do so. First, you want to link your Spotify and your Instagram because that’s one of two things.

The first is that it lets Tinder know that you are a real user and not a bot or scammer that they will have to ban later. The second is that it gives your profile a more colorful look and people will want to interact more with it. As a result, a higher engagement with your profile will increase your Elo score.

Enable “Show recent activity”

This indicates to Tinder that you are recently active and helps you find other people who have recently activated it. Most likely, if they were active recently, they would be the type of person who would use Tinder consistently. This makes them more likely to interact with you, which never hurts.

Use the desktop application

Tinder has a complementary browser-based application, so you can swipe, combine, and chat from your laptop or desktop. It helps to write longer, more thoughtful / engaging messages that have a better response rate. This will tell the algorithm that you are of great value and show you more people.

Participate with the profile of a possible match

The bigger your commitment, the more you will like the algorithm. This will have the effect of pushing your profile higher on the stack. So take a little longer than you think to look at the photos and read the biography. Maybe even look at his Instagram.

Of course, there will be users who will soon, you know, never in a million years. But if you’re on the fence or you’re positive, you’ll slide to the right and take some time to interact with your profile.

The best sliding time

The best time to slide is from 14:00 to 16:00 in your local time zone. This is because most people are working or busy because you have activated “Show activity recently” Tinder will do so. Because there are fewer people in the app, the stack will be smaller and more people will see you.

Also, Sunday after 1:00 pm is a good time. Chances are they haven’t found what they’re looking for over the weekend and want to prepare something for the week.

Be selective in your right strokes

Be selective in your sliding. You want the algorithm to see you as a bachelor of great value and have many options. Doing so is a strong message for the algorithm that you need to be shown better profiles.

The general rule here is to slide to the right every 1 or 2 people every 10 times. You really only want to slide to the right in no more than 20% of the people Tinder shows you.

How to reset your Tinder account: Conclusion

Unfortunately, we have to go through this just to have a good Tinder experience, but sometimes it is. In short, how to reset your Tinder account and how to reset your Tinder algorithm are the same. Click here for an article on the algorithm itself

While some of these tips may seem arbitrary, they work in the real world. We’ve been able to find out these things by sharing tests with different devices and making sure that the information we share is reliable and useful for those trying to improve their Tinder game.

After following the steps to reset your Tinder account, be sure to use the best practices we’ve talked about. You’ll see a significant increase in the number of matches and the quality of the people you’re viewing in the app. Now there is one thing to remember, and that is that everyone’s profile is shown to everyone else in a long enough time horizon. So don’t panic if you don’t get exactly what you want right away.

It is coming; just be patient. For more information on the exact process, consider reading our article on Whether Tinder is a Bad Dating App. We also helped that this was helpful and now you know everything you need to know about how to reset your Tinder account.

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