How To Say No Without Killing His Attraction | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

Recovering When Your Relationship Ends

Being left hurts like hell. These tips will help you to recover more quickly.

Christian Codependency: Four Beliefs That Prevent You From Nurturing Yourself

Most of us don’t do well with nurturing ourselves. We are experts at taking care of others’ needs and ignoring our own needs. Some of this self-neglect comes from four Christian codependency beliefs that prevent you from nurturing yourself…

Christian Codependency: Four Things That Will Make You Enjoy Your Life

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the pressures, stresses, and demands of life? Christian codependency will rob you of the ability to enjoy your life by keeping you overwhelmed, stressed, unable to say no, and unwilling to take care of yourself, because it convinces you that you have no choice but to push harder and do more. Ecclesiastes 5:18 says, “It is good for people to eat, drink, and enjoy their work under the sun” (NLT). Here are four things you can do that will make you enjoy your life…

When Having Counselling, So Often Forgiveness Is the Key, But How Can I Do That?

Forgiveness is definitely the key to your sanity but how to do that is the question. I think one of the main reasons it seems to be so difficult for some people to forgive others is the belief that if they forgive someone for their crimes, sins, diabolical behaviour, outrageous actions or maybe their obviously unjust, slanderous and hurtful remark then somehow you are condoning their actions. Forgiveness is definitely the key to your sanity, but how to do that is the question.

I Need Help Getting My Ex Girlfriend Back

The last time I was with my girlfriend, she broke up with me. I know it was my fault. I really did something to really piss her off.

Family Paying for the Inmates Calls and Prison Phone Calls

What a family can expect to go through when trying to access their loved one in prison. Prison phone calls can be very expensive and an all around hassle, so help yourself through a mine field of mistakes with this article!

How to Get a Girlfriend Easily

Hey there guys, you’ve decided that you need a girlfriend, that one incredible woman that you like hanging out with all the time. So how exactly do you go about finding the right woman, not to mention actually winning her over? Read on and, just follow these easy tips.

Father’s Day Is a Great Opportunity to Reconcile With Dad, the Right Gift Can Help

If you are shopping for your daddy, this can be an excellent opportunity to heal a damaged relationship. The most fundamental question to ask is, “Who did the deed that caused the problem in the first place?” If you feel that YOU have done daddy wrong, and you want forgiveness, you are reading the right article. If daddy has done YOU wrong and you want to him to know that all has been forgiven, then this article will help. The goal of this article and the purpose of the gift-giving in this case will be to facilitate the normalization of the relationship.

Long Term Teenage Relationship Problems

Long term teenage relationship problems are becoming very common nowadays. These problems are usually full of drama and can cause a lot of collateral problems in the school and the teenagers’ family. Some long term teenage relationship problems can even lead to drug abuse or suicides. If not addressed properly and early enough, long term teenage relationships can adversely impact the emotional and psychological health and growth of the teenager.

Are There Ways To Make a Happy Romantic Relationship Work?

The ability to have a healthy romantic relationship can elude many of us, not because we are unlovable or unattractive but because we simply do not know how it should be done. We have not learnt how to behave towards others or what behaviour to expect in return. Our lessons in relationships have been gleaned from our own failures, the opinions and expectations of friends and family and of course, the glib self-help sound bites of modern gurus. From this confusing emotional landscape we are expected to make safe and rational decisions. For most of us this translates into simply throwing ourselves at each new relationship in the hope that possibly this time everything will work out.

How To Meet Your Soul Mate Using Your Mind

You want to meet the soul mate that you dream about. This dream is to meet someone whom you really want to live with and share all you have. You have the power of the mind within you that has the potential to make your dream come to reality. It all depends on how you concentrate and give energy to create the situation. Nothing is impossible, it is you who is impossible to understand. Sit down and relax your mind and lay out what you really want. That person is already coming to you because your subconscious mind has gone out and created the situation for you to meet.

How to Get a Man Without Looking Desperate and When All Other Women Are Struggling

Get a man without becoming desperate. You must be proactive. You must have the right wardrobe. To get the best man, you must get help from the right traditional healer.

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