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Live Happily Ever After With Realistic Expectations

We all think we’re going to fall in love with Prince (or Princess) Charming and live the rest of our days together in a Disney fairytale “happily ever after.” I don’t know anyone who has lived “happily ever after” all day, every day, day in and day out as the Disney fairytale romances suggest. However, you can live happily ever after if your relationship is based upon realistic expectations.

How to Compel Your Ex to Call You Back

Are there “secret” words that you can use to get your ex to call you back? Sounds crazy but there are words that can compel your ex to return your phone call. Interesting, huh?… I am going to share this little “secret” with you because this is one of the most frequently asked questions from people trying to get back with their ex.

The Days of the Gentleman Are Gone

Nowadays we call a woman lucky if her date opens the door and pulls out her chair before sitting at a table. A small gesture of this manner use to be the norm; now it’s the exception. You shouldn’t be surprise if your date has already ordered his drink by the time you sit. “I’m sorry, did you want a drink?” As men, we have lost our way because the ‘bad boys’ are being rewarded.

Sociopaths – They Are More Common Than You Think – Part 1

A sociopath is someone who does not have a conscience; they feel no remorse for any harm they have caused to anyone. In the book, The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout, PhD the author gives a statistic that as many as 1 in 25 people are a sociopath. This explains the oft asked question “How could this trusted friend take me for everything I’m worth?” Read this series of articles and learn more about how to keep your money safe from a sociopath.

How to Protect Your Relationship As a Man

Relationship is a friendship that is perfected in companionship. It is marked by mutual happiness, joy, feeling and love. When a man is in a relationship with a woman he wants, there is an obvious show of it. To make the best out of it, you as the man will have to but in a lot of things. Please read on!

Relationships: Whatever Happened to Customer Service?

One of my grandsons lives in another province so I decided to purchase a gift certificate for his twelfth birthday. A young man at the far away city’s music store answered the telephone. I introduced myself, explained the reason for my call and stated that my son would pick up the certificate as the birthday party was only two days away.

Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

Getting your ex-girlfriend back is not an easy task especially if there is no communication between you too. You would love to say that you are sorry for all the bad things that you have ever done top her but your efforts are proving futile because you cannot be able to talk to her. Everything is known to happen at a season and for specific reasons, you may assume that your ex-girlfriend doers not want to talk to you because he/she hates you but that may not be true, maybe she has read the mood and knows talking to…

Ups and Downs of Relationships

Are you in a relationship and feel neglected and rejected? You are constantly arguing with your lover and it seems solving the issues is not easy until you have decided to let go, yet you still feel something for the other spouse. Don’t worry this is normal in relationships.

How To Win Someone’s Heart

Ever tried to penetrate the tough guy facade? Or been turned away by the ‘I don’t need you or anyone else’ face? There is a secret to winning someone’s heart. This article does not guarantee that you will it merely equips you with the best tools to do so.

Russian Brides: Why Are They So Popular

Of late, there has been a lot of talk of Russian brides. There are numerous sites advertising about them and a lot more who enumerate their attributes as if they are the best as far as marriage is concerned. Is it really so?

Mending a Broken Heart – Simple Ways to Cope With the Pain

It happens to everyone. You invest a lot of time and emotion into a relationship with someone and for one reason or another it doesn’t work out. Luckily there are a number of activities and ways that you can work on mending a broken heart that will help lessen the pain that comes along with broken relationships.

Meeting New Set of People Thru Volunteer Works

It has always been said that it takes two people to tango, i.e. true when it comes to matters of love and romance, you cannot decide to watch romantic movies and reads different romantic publications thinking love will come knocking on your door, instead you have to do something a bout it.

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