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If you tend to get lost in a relationship, listen to this episode as I train Salli, who gave up parts of her in past relationships.

Salli wrote on the show: “I’m not going out right now because I don’t know how to balance everything I have going on with work, home and my son. But in my past relationships, my problem was losing myself. even though I am independent and happy and have a lot to do, I am very focused on the other person and I am anxious even when I feel very lonely I have often chosen men who need my support emotionally or financially or they don’t love me or accept me completely. They want all the good things and I have parts of them. “

Listen to how I train Salli on how to recover lost parts of herself and how to prevent her from getting lost in a relationship in the future.

EP 496: Live coaching with Salli: how to stop getting lost in a relationship

In this episode of Last First Date Radio, you will hear:

  • The story of Salli’s most recent two-year relationship, where she stopped focusing on herself and focused on her boyfriend.
  • Her life was together, so she became a therapist and her best friend
  • She lost her sense of self and exhausted herself
  • His first memory of losing was when he was five years old.
  • I had an alcoholic mother with emotional issues who didn’t really want to have a child.
  • Salli made up for it by trying to be perfect and happy, but no matter what she did, it wasn’t enough.
  • Her parents divorced when she was five years old.
  • He lived with his mother until the age of ten.
  • She had a constant fear of losing her mother, losing her parents.
  • I felt like it was too much for everyone, not good enough.

Our first experiences with our caregivers / parents are the model of our love life. Salli needs to be healed and re-educated to give her the love she did not receive at home. This will help you choose a healthier partner.

Salli’s Ideal home:

  • He has done some inside work
  • He is grounded
  • He has an important long-term job
  • Someone you can count on, no price
  • Give generously and freely, where there is an exchange of love and donation
  • It is in his son

Lessons learned from this relationship:

  • Listen to what men tell you from the beginning.
  • Maybe it would have been better to let go when he saw the red flags at first.
  • You can’t do that to someone who isn’t into it.


  • Look at the picture of little Salli in the fridge every day and fix it by giving her the love and the statement she did not receive as a child.
  • Keep a list of your essentials and remember them in front and in the center, and follow them as you go.
  • Remember that a man must earn his generous and loving heart by constantly showing up and being the partner he needs.

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