How To STOP Self Sabotaging Your Love Life

Relationships: How Much Grief Before It’s Too Much?

Grief is often a natural part of life, however, sometimes it can be far too difficult for a relationship to handle and the process of grieving may take over and cause a relationship to suffer from it. Often it feels as if life will never be normal again during the grieving process and this can be quite alarming to some couples trying cope with the grief and with daily life.

Scorned Lover Seeks Renenge

A young woman shares a confession of how she fell in love, got heart broken and exacted revenge on an innocent party. The victim tried to commit suicide and was fortunately unsuccessful.

Protecting Love and Trust In the Valley of Hurt and Disappointment

Ask God to protect your love for the one who’s hurt you. Ask God to protect your trust for the one who’s disappointed you. In such things is the basis for forgiveness. For, if our forgiveness is dependent on love and trust, as it so often is, then we must pray for such things to be protected.

Being the Bearer of Encouragement

LIFE’S tough enough without enduring it without the encouragement we deserve; that which is born of the love of treating others as we, ourselves, would wish to be treated. Not many don’t need encouragement. Most people, when they are honest, about when they are down and out, will admit to being needy from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with admitting to the reality of neediness when it comes to being built up.

She Is a Woman, a Wife, a Butterfly

A woman is like a butterfly, full of grace and gentle in every way. But she is no pushover and her strength is to be admired. A man needn’t hold her too tight in his hand, for she will need to go and come back of her own volition. Like the butterfly, a woman is to be respected and appreciated for who she is.

Letting Go of What?

Loss is a very personal devastation, that perhaps we ourselves are powerless to explain. All we are aware of is a constant feeling of being hurt. Ultimately something has to change to stop the hurt.

Words Can Hurt

What should you do when you say something during an argument you regret? What do you say if your partner says something that hurts you to the core? Every relationship has it’s issues and often arguments ensue. How do we stop them from cutting so deep it’s impossible to recover?

Relationships: Can Environmental Factors Stop Someone From Moving On From A Breakup?

When a relationships ends, there is the chance that it will lead to one experiencing a lot of emotional pain. There is also the chance that one will be quiet happy with what has happened and although there may be a mild sense of loss for example, they will soon settle down and be on their way.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Need Others To Tell Them What To Do?

Although each and every one of us is physically separate and therefore has our own needs and wants, it doesn’t mean that one is always aware of what these are. So instead of one looking within for guidance and a sense of purpose, they can end up looking to other people.

Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

As a guy having just experienced a relationship break up, you might be wondering how to get your ex to come back to you. Unfortunately it is a fact that most guys have absolutely no idea how to do this.

Forgiveness, When You’ve Tried Everything Else

FATIGUE sets in as the coming of a sunset; though, not peaceful nor welcome. It’s frustrating when you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked. I wonder if this is God’s intention: to allow us no satisfaction in attempting things our own way; all in order to show us that it’s only his way that sustainably works, ever.

Forgiveness, Transcending Your Hurt Humanity

When we realise our independence of humanity takes us down dark roads, erring roads, we can sense another burgeoning opportunity: to go with full abandon toward the Lord our God; our Creator, who knows our broken beings better than anyone. We need God if life is to work.

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