How To STOP Your Anxiety! 5 Simple Strategies To Take You From Anxious To Secure & Confident

Blessed Vulnerability, Arrogance’s Curse

Recently I tripped over several steps in full view of at least five peers. It was one of those awkward moments, like falling off a bicycle, when you want to get up and say, “I’m fine!” even though you’ve got blood running down your arm or leg.

Looking for a Sugar Daddy

People are living so far beyond their means these days that even those who are earning $75,000 a year are living from paycheck to paycheck. Most of their money is being spent eating out every night and on their entertainment.

Lessons From Hitchhiking

Lessons for life from an experience of receiving a ride. Goodness is inherent in everyone, getting in touch with it and expressing it is a challenge. When in need, all of us expect to be helped. But are we willing to lend a helping hand to someone else in their need?

Relationships: Do You Expect The Same Person To Meet All Your Needs?

When one thinks about their ideal partner, they may imagine someone who can fulfil all of their needs. They may even describe this person as their ‘soul mate’; with this being someone who will end up transforming their whole life.

The Breadth of Reach In Leadership of a Calling to Repentance

LETTING bygones be bygones is not a biblical concept, nor is maintaining a fight for people to turn from their ‘wicked ways’ through the mode of aggression. That’s not to say that letting bygones be bygones is wrong, per se. Sometimes, for our own sanity, we need to. Indeed, letting bygones be bygones, as far as we are personally concerned, is probably, in some ways, wise. But sometimes injustices scream out to be called for what they are.

Want Purpose and Security? Go to the Source!

The matter of security is something that concerns most of us. But sometimes, even in a “safe” environment, in which one expects God to be watching-over, unauthorized persons may dare to venture…

5 Ways To Turn Confession Into Repentance For Reconciliation

RECONCILIATION is something I believe in; it’s also something everyone wants to believe in. This is the case because we all need to be able to reconcile matters that estrange our minds, hearts and souls. A mind, heart and soul estranged from itself is an especially broken person in great need of healing.

Tips to Understand the Modern Man’s Brain

To know a man (not woman) is to solve an enigma. And here are a few tips to solve that enigma.

Relationships: Can Toxic Shame Make Someone Feel Unattractive?

While someone can look attractive, it doesn’t mean they feel attractive or that their self image matches up with how they look. In this case, the impression that they have on others doesn’t match up with what is taking place within them.

How Do You Forgive the Unforgivable Betrayal?

CUTTING issues in life make their way into all our worlds. We’ve all been betrayed. And we’ve all faced situations when we are expected to forgive when we feel we can’t. We’ve all been exasperated by both their selfishness and our own inability to move on. We are not the only ones that feel the way we do around forgiveness.

People As God’s Instruments In the Hurts of Life

LIFE is a pulveriser. If we are vulnerable enough to be real, God will utilise our vulnerability and bring realness into our orbit. Realness hurts.

The Greatest Aphrodisiac For Men (It’s Not What You Think!)

Many women have this perception that what men really want is a woman who’s all about HIM – someone who’s giving and nurturing and takes care of his every need. The truth is…

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