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In the old days of online dating, we advised MSF people not to take selfies as profile pictures, as they were always faint, grainy and often made in a mirror. However, the continuous evolution of smartphones means that we can now take high quality photos of ourselves that are worthy of our dating profiles. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Look at the camera lens

It is important to remember to look at the camera lens when taking a photo. If you look at the screen, your eyes will not look straight out and you will find it a little strange. The lens is usually on top of the phone, so focus on it when you press the button.

Use burst mode

Press and hold the shutter button, and the phone will make one set of shots per second. This allows you to choose the best one without having to keep pressing the button and check how it looks. Some phone models will even suggest the best for you.

Use the self-timer

Self-timers mean you’re not at the mercy of the length of your arms when you take a picture. You can set the camera further away and take a few seconds to position yourself before taking the photo.

Take a picture with your headphones

Some phones, such as the iPhone, allow you to take a picture using the volume of your headset to press the shutter button. This means that you can set up the camera a little differently and take your time to position yourself before taking the picture.

Adjust the exposure

Many smartphones now allow you to adjust the exposure of the image before doing so. Touch the location on the screen where you want the camera to focus and then slide up or down to make the image lighter or darker.

Try using HDR

HDR means high dynamic range. This setting allows the camera to take three photos, one that is overexposed, one that is underexposed, and one that is in the middle. They merge automatically, resulting in a photo that has more depth of field and color than a standard photo and tends to look more professional.

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