“I See No Hope For My Long Distance Relationship, Should I End It?” | Dating & Relationship Q&A

Does Your Partner Judge You In Front Of Others?

Louise asked me: “Do you have any suggestions on what to say when my husband says unloving words to me in front of others, including our children? I don’t want my kids to keep witnessing disrespectful behavior toward their mother. When I challenge his treatment of me, his anger escalates and the chastisement worsens…”

Making It Clear What You Hold Dear

We can very well understand why people enter into the resistance of passive aggressiveness. It may be the only way they know how to respond. Or, it might be the choice of response, given both their conflict management style and the history they share with the other party – who could be us!

Relationships: How Can Someone Know If Their Relationships Are Dysfunctional?

There are people on this planet who are experiencing relationships that are functional and healthy. This might be how it has always been, or it could be the result of them making certain changes throughout their life.

Top 3 Seriously Outrageous Proposal Ideas

Figuring out how to propose can be complicated. It must be unique, memorable and special; so why not go big?

Personalised Flash Mob Proposal Ideas

Wondering how to propose? Consider going with a spectacular display of your love flash mob-style!

How to Propose to Your Man

If you want to be a little different, don’t conform to traditional proposal ideas. Why not rock that boat and propose to your man?

Even the Best Proposal Ideas Can Fall Flat – Beware of These Red Flags

No matter how much time he has put into thinking about how to propose there are unfortunately times when a rejection is completely warranted. Even the most elaborate and impressive proposal ideas can fall flat due to a number of factors. If the red flags are waving during this life-changing event it might be best to go with your gut instinct and either politely decline the offer or even run away screaming!

7 Secrets for a Happier and Stronger Relationship

Everyone is searching for a happier and stronger relationship; but with the jobs, kids, running the household and other mundane responsibilities – it can be really hard to maintain that spark that keeps the love alive! Learn 7 secrets for rekindling the spark and romance for a stronger relationship.

The Phone Call From the Lonely Man

SOME time ago I received a phone call from a gentleman who need not be named, but one who had succumbed to a very common social issue that many people, and especially men, suffer from. The issue was loneliness, but the deeper cause to this issue of isolation was a manifestation of a season of anxiety and depression.

Empathy in Loving Relationships

Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. With the growth of brain science and research we now know that humans have mirror neurons that allow us to have a sense of what others are feeling. In essence, we see another, imagine what they may be feeling, which is then mirrored in our brain. Our body unconsciously mimics the facial expression or body posture of the other person, we then respond on an emotional level and make an offer of assistance of one sort or another.

The Product of Fear Is Unforgiveness

Fear is responsible for so much unforgiveness. When we allow the lie to propagate within us, that human beings have power – and something in order to rival God’s power – and are therefore to be feared, we find a blockage in our ability to advance to them the grace they deserve. We resist them because they are powerful in our eyes. But if we thought they had no special power, and felt God was in control over our circumstances, then forgiveness is within reach.

How to Live With Your Roommate

We have all been there. Whether it be in college, a job, or just trying to make ends meet, we needed someone to help with the bills. You put out word to your friends, family, or internet that you are looking for a roommate. Luckily, you find one and they seemed to be a nice person. So you let them move in and after a while problems start to arise. You do not know what to do and need some help. Well, here are some simple steps that can help you solve those pesky problems.

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