Is something wrong with men today?

There is something mal with men today?

Really, is there anything wrong with the guys and how are they doing? Are they … dare I say it, less manly than before?

Well, men still are essentially MEN. This is true.a Is something wrong with men today?

But many of the “Old school“Male behavior is getting lost in the current dizzying pace and culture of the new era.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either more sensitive in many ways. They are more emotionally aware than ever.

For example, in the last Star Trek movie to hit theaters, three of the actors cried in that movie. None of them were women … ALL they were men!

But at the same time, they have lost touch with our parents and grandparents.

You see, in “the day” (as long as THIS was), there was a clearer milestone for when a child finally became a man. It was something called “step rite. “

This is something that cultures have adopted for thousands of years to help a child understand when he was ready for maturity, and he could leave behind childish things and do his best. MAN things.

Hunting …

Making war on other tribes …

Build huts …

Finding a woman … 😉

Until the twentieth century, the part of war it was all we had left to define men. When you were 18, they gave you a gun and sent you to war. Or he waited and hoped they would not put him in the war.

All politics aside, the possibility that you have to go aa strange land and possibly the it was a very real way to wake up as a man. And that haunted most men over time.

Not so much today.

Women always had a very clear indication of their change of “girl“to the woman, which was the beginning of her fertility. Having a period every month and knowing that you could to have kids it was pretty obvious to her.

So, as you can imagine, men today also have a long childhood. This has given rise to the term “man-child”.

This is the guy who May really “grow up“I think they used to call it …..

336x280 2 Is something wrong with men today?
…. the “Peter Pan“syndrome.

So we have these guys out there who never neglect toys and silly behavior. And now they don’t know exactly what they should be like when it comes time to have a relationship with a woman.

Make no mistake: men DO they want to have relationships. LONG long term relationships with fantastic women.

And they need your help to do that.

Let me tell you something about the myth of “privacy“:

One of the biggest myths women hear all the time is that men suffer from “privacy issues.” In fact, as you may know, if you hear something often enough, even if it is false, you begin to believe it.

And that is even more true of that mite of “matters of privacy” and men. You see, the fear of intimacy is NO the problem…!

What is often a problem, however, is that most men are unable to communicate intimacy and emotions.

You might think, “Carlos, what’s the difference? Isn’t it the same?”

In reality, NO. It is not.

Because you can assume that men avoid intimacy because we don’t want to feel it … Or we want to avoid this connection with you. You may have been told that men do not want communication that touches our hearts and connects us with you.

We DO I want that!

But most men just don’t have the skills or ability to communicate the way women do. The sincere expression of emotions is simply alien to most men.

We have our tongues tied and we don’t know how to untie them …

But YOU you can untie them.

In fact, you MUST!

If you’ve ever asked a guy what he’s thinking, you probably know how difficult it is up to men to express themselves. In fact, it’s kind of a joke, isn’t it?

But when it comes to what men want in a relationship, and what works for them, there is CONCRETE i SPECIFIC things he wants from you.

of “The relationship…

d Is something wrong with men today?

Do you know what they are?

You see, men expect you to understand what they want in a relationship …without have to tell you. Again, mostly because most guys just don’t know it HOW to tell you.

And if you spend a lot of time trying to get him out, there are many chances that you will break your love connection with him in the process.

Men only close when they are forced to talk about relationships “things. “

And if that happens, it could take weeks, months, maybe more years to repair the damage. YES it remains to be resolved.

There is a lot simple reason most men do not commit to the woman in their life.

Even if he is in love with her!

Most women don’t know that men go through 3 steps on the path to intimacy.

If you make a mistake and assume you are in one of these without knowing the truth, you can accidentally send him the signal that you are NO the right woman for him.

If you want to know what these stages are and how to avoid this mistake that keeps you away (possibly even in the arms of another woman) – then you should watch this video right away …

300x250 2 Is something wrong with today's men?

Yours in perfect passion,

Carlos Cavallo

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