Jay Shetty and Marie Forleo: ON How to Start Before You Are Ready

How to Hook Him on the First Date – Take Charge With These 7 Useful Tips and Make Him Yours

We’ve all experienced that point where you go out with someone and think that he or she is the ultimate partner. Yet you say or do something that makes you want to crawl under the table and hide there forever! If you’re looking for ways to hook a guy on the very first date, here’s what you should do (or shouldn’t!):

Does a Man Get Bored If You Are Too Available – Here’s Why You Should Slam the Brakes Sometimes

It’s a known fact that when women give too much of their time or themselves that men tend to get bored with the relationship. The man’s complacence could then lead into something much worse such as separation, if the woman doesn’t do something to salvage their union.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Actions speak louder than words. This is particularly true about relationships. It really matters as to what you do in your relationships.

Sick of Being Only a Tool to People?

Every felt like somebody is tooling you… without knowing it? Several signs that you’re being tooled and to deflect it…

Five Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

Although you might be deeply in love with your boyfriend, there may be times you find yourself wondering about his actions and whether or not you are in an unhealthy relationship. Answer these questions below and see if you are in a relationship that is abusive, controlling, toxic or just plain unhealthy.

Relationships Awareness 1: Self-Awareness – The Key to Understanding Yourself and Your Relationships

You may think you know yourself quite well. As a matter of fact, you don’t. Many factors which you are not aware of exert power over you and drive you to sabotage your relationships. When you develop Self-Awareness, get to understand these factors and acknowledge the control they have over your feelings, attitudes, reactions and behaviors, you can take the necessary steps to change and become empowered to succeed in cultivating an intimate relationship.

Causes Of Divorce And How It Can Be Avoided

Divorce is a curse but in modern society, it is a necessity. In United States, more that 40% of the marriages ends in divorce and hence it is very hard to understand that is it a necessity or it is a curse. Brutal assault might be one reason but in reality, there are plenty of reasons for divorce like property, assets, relationships, boyfriend or girlfriend and so on. It is a nice idea to know all the reasons and it is very important for those couples who are living a peaceful life. This will encourage them to avoid such mistakes so that they do not face any such problems.

Avoid the Flakes – With Girls!

Get a girl’s number and meet up with her for her to be your new girlfriend. Every time, without failing?

How to Approach a Woman – 4 Ways to Make It Work

Knowing how to approach a woman is important. Whether you want to get her phone number or just ask her to dance, how you approach her makes all the difference.

Actions Vs Words

What you do really counts. Sometimes, it is hard to say what is on your mind. In this case, actions can be really affective.

How to Make Him Hungry for You – Insider Secrets That Would Make You the Apple of His Eye

Oh to be needed by a man! This is one of any woman’s fondest desires! It’s one thing to get him to be attracted to you and it’s another thing to make him crave for more of you. So what should you do if you want him to drool for you each time?

When a Guy Feels Protective Does It Mean He Loves You? Learn the Truth With These 7 Tips

A woman feels comforted in the fact that her man tries to protect her. But does it automatically mean that when a man protects a woman, he actually loves her? Or is there any other hidden agenda behind that chivalrous guy?

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