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3 Ways to Spot the Damaging Symptoms of Codependency

If you’re worried that you might be suffering from codependency, there are a couple major things to consider when deciding if concern is warranted. First, ask yourself whether your relationship is based on an addiction-a habit that interferes with your every day life. It may be surprising, but at its core, codependency is actually an “addiction” to love and relationships. Codependents frequently lose sleep, have poor eating habits, and an unhealthy social and work life. There are many terrific resources out there to help you with this and get you on the road to healing.

Winning at Being Romantic With Your Girlfriend

Do you ever feel as though nothing you do for your girlfriend is quite right? It’s no wonder we seem confused. Little did I know that there is indeed a recipe for relationship success.

She Left, What Do I Do?

This is really a bad situation to be in. We were so happy… I didn’t know what the hell to say. As I said before, it seems to me that I am becoming a relationship expert to my friends, coworkers and now a family member.

Tips To Improve Your Marriage And Save It From Divorce

To witness the breakdown of a marriage is a really sad event. Two people who had once committed to loving each other their entire lives now do not wish to be together anymore. As they say marriage is not a word, it is a sentence.

The Effects of Failed Relationships/Marriages on Children

You might have dreamt at one time of having the perfect marriage or relationship that would last a lifetime. What you did not realize is how much work it takes to maintain either one. Then if you add kids into the equation everything changes. If everything seems to be crumbling between you both then maybe it is time for rebuilding the relationship.

Wedding Cake Topper: How to Combine Flowers With A Cake Topper For The Ultimate Topper

Are you wondering how you can combine your original idea of decorating your wedding cake with flowers with that cute little topper you found? A combination of flowers with a theme cake topper can be the ultimate way to top a wedding cake when done right. Follow the instructions in this article so that you can have your cake and eat it too…literally!

What Do Real Men Do?

Being a man is not only about being the stronger gender of the two but also the more responsible one. With men having an edge over women in terms of physical strength, nature has balanced it by giving women more control over their desires. In other words men are often more aggressive and have lesser control over their wants. They also take a setback less gracefully than women. So what is a real man? What do real men do? Here is a list of what a real man ought to do.

5 Ways to Attract Women Easily

If you’re having trouble attracting women, you’re obviously doing something wrong. This article will reveal 5 important rules you should follow in order to attract women easily.

Things Women Hate About Men – Their Ability to Commit

Will a relationship really work if both parties won’t commit? Some men actually shiver, literally and figuratively, at the mention of the word commitment. But why? Then women start to ask why men even initiate a relationship if they can’t commit to it.

It Is Good and Pleasant When We Dwell Together in Love and Unity

Relationships between families, siblings, business relations, acquaintances, “home boys”, lovers, and friends represent different levels of association. Whilst you may not choose certain associations at times, it’s important to note that you can deliberately decide how you will handle each one and how you relate. The purpose for which the relationship exists determines the level of familiarity and access, it determines to what extent the people involved will achieve closeness and how much they will share with each other. Have you ever tried to act normal as if nothing happened when there is tension and strain in a particular relationship? It does not matter who is to blame, the truth is two cannot walk together unless they agree. It is not possible for fellows who have nothing in common to fellowship. The greatest example of how relationships ought to be conducted and model for me is the Lord Jesus Christ. He modelled the love relationship so well that there has been no other example that surpasses His. It is written that there is no greater love than this, that a man would give his life for a friend.

How to Attract Women – Tips That Changed My Life

I spent many years of my life struggling to get the attention of women, until I did some serious research. What resulted was an ability to attract women with concrete results. Read my experience and try for yourself. My experience and research found some cold hard truths, that when applied, really do work.

Relationship Wisdom – More About Differences in Relationship

Challenges in relationships are perpetual in 69% of cases, according to relationship expert John Gottman. The reason being that we are built in different ways, beyond just about being male and female.

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