Love is scary: how to spot good men vs. Scary monsters

Do you think love is scary? I get it, but the truth is, not all men are monsters! Here are three ways to notice the good people around you and find the right one.

Are you worried that all the men you know are Frankenstein?

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I know how hard it can be to find love with a good man. I understand when women complain to me that the men out there are terrible. They just want one thing. Menten, enganyen i enganyen.

All the good ones are taken and even the media says that what’s left are scary monsters like … Frankenstein (okay, Halloween is in your head.) That’s why love is scary.

I walked into your skin as a single woman until I was 40. But I was lucky because I had done a lot of personal development work. So I had access to a lot of methods that helped me open my mind and change my negative thinking and attitude.

Why is being in love scary?

One of the biggest challenges I faced was believing that there was a good man for me and that I COULD find him and the love I so longed for. Let me tell you, I’ve been working on it!

I used all the mental exercises and tricks I knew to change these patterns that would surely have interfered with what became my successful search for love.


Not only did I manage to keep an open mind about the men I met and stay positive during the dating trip, but I also met an adorable man and we have been happily married for years.

Yes, it’s worth the effort! I know you can find love too. Damn if I did, any woman can do it!

Here are three mental exercises that will help you overcome the idea that love is scary. When you stop imagining that all men are monsters of fear, you will find more good men and one just for you.

1. Practice the pursuit of good in men

love is scary When you notice men passing by you on the street, instead of ignoring or criticizing them internally, take a moment to look for the good in them. Ask yourself, “Why does this man’s girlfriend or wife love him? What does he have to offer his wife? What does he do to make her feel special?”

This requires a bit of practice, but it is an extremely powerful method to change your thinking. You are restarting your perspective to find good things about the men you observe.

Don’t feel bad if you quickly think again that you are not well dressed, that you are losing your hair, or where you normally go with your thinking. This is normal and making this change in the thought process will take time.

Commit to doing this exercise on a regular basis and be kind to yourself while realizing all the negativity that comes up when you try to be positive. It’s a great way to stop thinking that love is scary and men are horrible.

2. Smile at a new man every day

This is a bit difficult now with COVID and mask. However, if you’re out and about going to work or to the store, look up, look forward, and watch the men. A man may not be able to see your smile, but you can look up and say hello. Your eyes will still show a smile.

Many women focus on homework as you rush to get things done. You may not even notice a man looking at you or smiling at you.

Or if you think love is scary, your normal instinct is to look the other way as fast as you can because you’d rather not commit. Unfortunately, none of these instincts will help you connect with a good man.

You can’t imagine the positive changes that happen when you convince a customer to smile at men. The results are consistently remarkable!

3. Observe the happy couples around you

love is scaryYou might think it’s counterproductive to notice happy couples. They have what you want and that can make you feel jealous or unhappy.

But let’s look at it another way.

Once you see a happy couple, instead of feeling your own lack of love, you can assemble the energy layers of the happiness of their relationship. They are your evidence that finding love is possible. After all, they did!

If you do this exercise, you will begin to understand that you can also find love. You are no different from other people and you are just as worthy as anyone else.

Increase your energy

When you find happy couples, take advantage of their happy energy by telling yourself, “Love exists! I want what they have and I’m ready to be next!”

This is nothing like envy or jealousy. It is a higher level vibration where you raise your own energy to the level of your desire. You rise above the old idea that love is scary.

Your desire for love is a higher vibration. Seeing happy couples can help increase your energy right now to be like the love you want.

According to the Law of Attraction, the like attracts the like. This means that when you raise your energy to the level of happy couples in love, you are now like the energy you want to attract!

Bingo! This is what makes you more magnetic to find love.

Yes, you can make this work for you!

Get your mind away from your inner negative talk that says love is scary and men are scary monsters because GOOD MEN ARE OUTSIDE.

Learn to notice the good side of men and start waiting for it. When you CREATE, your chance to find love skyrockets!

Happy Halloween!

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