My Retirement – Saying Goodbye

The Darkness of Amnesia

Many of us have close friends who are slipping into amnesia. What is our moral obligation to help them?

Thank God It’s You They See

THERE WAS a cab driver who drove as a mission for God. He would pick up people from all walks of life, and he would rely greatly on the Spirit to inspire him to do one thing that would distinguish him from the rest of the cab drivers in his large city. His favourite customers were those who were down on fortune, the elderly, widows and widowers, the poor – even those who he knew couldn’t afford the fare…

Things You Can Say That Will Leave a Girl Breathless

It is the desire of every man dating a woman to make her happy and the power of words in this regard cannot be ignored. Women are moved by what they hear and a few thoughtful words that come from the bottom of your heart can really leave your girl breathless.

How You Can Fix a Relationship After Breaking Up

Breaking up may not necessarily mean that your relationship has ended but may be inevitable in certain circumstances. However, a broken fence can be mended, so also a broken relationship and these few tips will be helpful.

How You Can Test True Friendship

Testing the loyalty of those you call your friends is not a bad idea. Getting a true friend is not a child’s play but if you know the test of true friendship, the burden will be made lighter for you.

How You Can Say Sorry to the Ones You Love

Nobody is above mistakes and in situations like this, it is ideal to say sorry. It may be difficult to swallow your pride and apologize, especially after an argument when you believe that you are not the only one that should be blamed. However, in order to manage your relationships wisely, it is important to say sorry and here are some ways of doing so.

Relationship Stress Vs Stressful Relationship? – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Relationships can be a challenge for anyone. However, when it gets to the point where the relationship serves as a major source of stress rather then a source of happiness and comfort it is time to reevaluate the relationship.

What’s Narcissism, What’s Abuse?

Conscience is a type of judgment, that tells us what is right and wrong. It begins in early childhood, when (hopefully) parents teach a child what he can or cannot do (beginning with “no!”), then gradually how to tell right from wrong.

Cute Ways of Saying Good Night You Must Know

Maintaining romance in a relationship can be very challenging, but there are many ways to keep your relationship fresh. Saying good night in different cute ways can boost your relationship and make your partner to think about you always.

Relationships: Do Some People Have Relationships To Avoid Themselves?

There are all kinds of reasons as to why someone would want to be a relationship with another person. And yet for some people, they will do everything they can to avoid having one. This can be due to them being fiercely independent and not wanting to rely on another person; having trust issues and a deep fear of intimacy for instance.

The Chase – Learn This Trick To Getting Her To Want You To Get Everything You Want

The Chase is a super simple love system for men who are awesome and tired of being treated like they are not by the women in their lives. It’s a three-step process…

How You Can Love From Afar

A long-distance relationship may not be perfect for two people who are truly in love but in certain situations, it is not avoidable. However, if you find yourself in such a situation, the following tips will be very helpful to you.

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