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Whose Home for the Holidays? Simple Ways to Avoid Seasonal Conflicts With Your Partner

Relationships can be especially trying during the holiday season. While we’re busy attending to what can seem like a million details, we can be putting undue stress on ourselves, our partners and our relationship.

Christian Relationship Help: Six Tips on How to Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt You

Forgiveness is a commandment for Christians (Matthew 6:14-15); yet, there is a lot of misunderstanding on how to forgive. This Christian relationship help gives you six tips on how to forgive someone who has hurt you…

Fears That Stand in Your Way From Changing an Unsatisfying Relationship or Looking for a Partner

The Fear of Change is at times so enormous it might interfere with whatever changes you might contemplate regarding your intimate relationship – or lack of one. The Fear of Change usually blends with other fears, such as: The fear of letting go; The fear of being alone; The fear of pain and The fear of the reactions of those around you. This fact makes it even more difficult for you to conquer The Fear of Change. Becoming aware of the fears that control you is the way to combat them.

What Makes A Man An Abuser?

For many woman it’s important to understand why some men want to hurt them. Mr. Wrong will act out in seven different ways, but the underlying cause is the same. There is clear evidence to show that it’s all about his early upbringing – a chilling fact that all women should be aware of.

The Fear of Being Alone Might Accentuate Your Fear of Change: How Can You Defeat Both Fears?

It may well be that you, like many others, are controlled by The Fear of Being Alone: the sense of loneliness; the silence in the house, the lack of touch and soft caress. Being alone makes you feel unloved and invaluable. You feel that without a partner you have no one to share your life with. You might tell yourself that “anyone who is worth anything has a relationship”. But do you do anything to combat the fear, or do you let it manipulate you into unhealthy relationships?

Christian Relationship Help: Evaluate the Fruit of Your Relationship Choices

Are you looking for Christian relationship help? Relationships are complicated and it isn’t always easy to know what to do, especially when it involves dysfunctional and complicated dynamics. It is helpful to apply biblical principles to guide you in making decisions about what to do. One of those is to evaluate whether your relationship produces the fruit of the Spirit or the fruit of the flesh.

A Period of Enlightment

“The cattle are as good as the pasture in which they graze”( Mali Proverb). The process of enlightenment is only limited by the need for it. So to bring clarity to this conversation, the construct of what may be “normal” behavior patterns is central to this discussion.

When You Are Rich

Social class is a distinction that escapes no one, honors many, distinguishes some, and denigrates us all strictly speaking from a contextual perspective. Income, wealth, power and prestige; these are the dimensions of social class structure. They provide a window into the systemic enclave that is society.

When People Refuse To Change Their Minds

Jesus never spent much time exhorting the Pharisees. We should determine why. He spent more time with those who were ready for the truth. He let those unwilling to listen go their way. Our call is the same as Jesus’. Beyond differences we are to love. We are to reach out and speak gospel truth into the lives of those who will listen. Above all, we accept a thing we cannot change: one person’s view of the truth can only be changed in them by God.

Clingy Signs – Why a Strong Partner Is Much More Attractive Than a Needy One

Clingy signs are quite clear to a person on the outside looking in on a relationship, but it’s sometimes more difficult when you are one of the two people participating in it. So when does needing support from your partner cross the line and become just plain annoying? First, let’s back up for a minute. So why is it so bad to be clingy and needy in the first place? I can sum it up in one word…..

Accepting Partners’ Best Efforts

Co-dependent coupledom is enormously common; indeed, it’s a universal temptation. Where one has trouble, perhaps depression, the other is compelled to ease their pain, to make-up for the deficiency, to make life normal again. Such is the life for the emotionally entwined; spiritually engaged at the level of mind, heart, and soul. And where deficiencies ravage one, the other must compensate. There is a driver behind it all: guilt. There is one thing that helps: GRACE.

Are You a Slave of Your Own Fears, Needs and Behavior?

If you find yourself repeating same behaviors in all your relationships and always are being left hurt and even alone, you may want to see whether you are a slave of your fears and needs, driving you to behave with your partners in ways which sabotage the relationship. Changing your attitudes and behaviors is the way to find and develop a truly intimate relationship.

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