Pick Artist Tactics: Do They Really Work?

Tactics of collection artists

Here’s a brief, sweet welcome to the New Year’s video based on a comment from J on the tactics of the collection artists (do they really work?) …

J says,

I had an interesting week. I stayed with a friend of mine who is a collection artist (PUA).

He says you shouldn’t express your interest in women, but you should get them to chase you.

Use stories and routines to start conversations with women.

He then uses collection techniques such as denials and high-value demonstrations to try to get people interested in him.

I don’t like this method at all.

I think what he teaches is more about putting on a performance for women than talking about him as a real human being.

I’m curious what you think?

My answer

I say,

You have an accurate impression of the PUA community.

It can be effective to get closer, but it doesn’t lead to a quality relationship and many guys eventually become tired and bitter about the kind of women they know.

PUA tactics don’t work on women of great value in the long run, and men who have learned PUA skills often don’t realize that they need to unlearn some of the strategies to be effective in getting a great girlfriend.

Many PUAs end up being addicted to the pickup game but dissatisfied with their relationships with women, never having anything deep and meaningful.

It’s like a drug addiction.

It feels good at the moment, but they are left empty afterwards and looking for their next solution.

Or they crave someone deeper and more meaningful, but because of their many superficial experiences, they don’t think they exist.

It’s best to balance being a good guy in my teachings with the confidence you gain from some PUA approach strategies, such as exposure therapy.

I answer,

Yes, I agree with you. Someone else I know is a dating and relationship coach.

He says the collection turns the boys into compensatory narcissists who attract messy women and even sociopaths, as they also like to play, and so on.

Personally, I always go straight.

I don’t have the patience or energy to play or touch. I prefer to get to the point as soon as possible. I even met my last girlfriend on the subway. Lol

I can’t go into much detail about my brief experience with my friend, but your suspicions are true.

However, one thing that stands out about him is his good heart.

He really has a big heart.

I have the impression that he put himself in the collection and developed his method of finding love.

However, because he is so game-oriented, he is unable to open up and be vulnerable and that is why he lacks the connection or love he has always longed for.

Anyway this is my theory.

I don’t think the collection is entirely bad.

While the guys who followed these methods may have started on the wrong path, I think most have finally found the right path.

My answer

Excellent observations, everywhere!

I know more than one known PUA who has experienced the same.

All the PUAs I know personally are decent guys who ended up on a racetrack but finally realize that what they really want is a Sunday in the country … with few live shows. ⁇

If pickup artist tactics no longer work for you, it’s okay to change direction.

Bottom line: Everyone wants love, but there are more and less effective ways to find it.

May you find and keep the woman of your dreams this year!

A lot of love

xo AJ

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