Reading from the past life: when is the right time to get one?

Are you thinking about reading a past life? Find out when is the best time to sign up and research your previous incarnations.

8 reasons to read a past life8 reasons to have a past life reading

There are as many reasons to read a past life as leaves on a tree, but I’ll share my top eight below. I’m sure you’ll find many more, but this is a good start.

1. Feeling stuck

If you feel trapped in any area of ​​your life, from career, love, to more enjoyment, a reading of your past life will provide you with useful information.

You may need information about a situation that is holding you back. Maybe you’ve been in circles and want to break free from your routine.

Looking at your akashic records, the source of all the details about your past lives, current life and potential future can make all the difference.

2. Noting repetitive patterns

You’ve been taking stock of your life and you’ve noticed some patterns that have surprised you. Maybe you end up dating a similar man over and over again, even though they look different at first.

The men you go out with could cheat you or break their word and promises. You might go out with men who are phobic of commitment or are narcissistic, thinking only of themselves.

This could also apply to other relationships, such as family, friends, or even business partners or colleagues where the same things often go wrong.

All of these are great reasons to get a reading of the past life to better understand what could be the cause behind the patterns.

My client, Kelly, is a successful business woman who wanted to get married. At 43, she was still single. Their relationship never lasts more than a year or two.

Kelly couldn’t understand why it was so hard. In reading her past life, she learned about a series of lives in which she was a maid, a slave, and in situations where she had no freedom.

Today, he wanted his independence even though he wanted a romantic partner. Kelly was worried about how a marriage would affect her earned autonomy and it was something she had to work on.

How to ask the right questions for reading akashic records.

3. Wondering if you are with the right man

are you with the right manHow can you know for sure if you are in the right relationship for a lasting love? There are many clues such as mutual love, respect and enjoyment. As a couple, you know how to overcome challenges and commit to a level of equity for both parties.

But if you are unsure and the answer is not obvious, reading a past life can open your eyes. Learn if you’ve been together before, if you have a soul contract, and what you might be learning together.

The last thing you want is to spend too much time with the wrong man, when you might be looking for the right man for you. Accessing Akashic records will provide a much deeper level of wisdom about your relationship.

4. Stand at a crossroads

You may find yourself in a place of life where you are at a crossroads. You need to make some important decisions that will surely affect the direction of your life.

Getting an idea of ​​how it might best meet your needs is a great way to get a read of your past life. Looking at past lives to understand the motivation behind your choices can help you make a sound decision about your future.

5. Choose a new career direction

thinking of a new professional directionIf you’ve been rethinking your career, a reading of past lives can help you focus on your innate skills and talents that you can bring back to life with you. Knowing your natural skills and inclinations is helpful in making a big decision about your job.

For example, my client Melissa had been in a corporate job, working as an event planner for a mega hotel chain. Then they fired her.

She wasn’t sure she wanted another event planning job at a large company and thought this was an opportunity to get into something new. But what would that be? She felt so uncertain.

We talked about his skills, what he liked about his latest job, and some ideas he had. We then explored their past lives at Akashic Records to see their past life experiences.

Curious about other cultures and lands, Melissa was seen traveling to many countries in her previous incarnations. She had traveled the Silk Road from China to Europe and had also been a sailor in many lives.

This created a real curiosity for the travel industry that decided to explore and pursue a career in it.

Sign up to read your past life today.

6. Get clarity about a situation

Sometimes you are faced with a confusing situation that causes both confusion and overwhelm. More than anything you need clarity to see the way to solve it and move forward.

A reading from a past life can offer this: great clarity and getting to the heart of the matter so that you can do what needs to be done. Investigating your past lives can reveal motivations and details that no other method will provide.

7. Check your spiritual path

checking your spiritual pathFor some people, knowing that they are living life as close as possible to the chosen spiritual path is a priority. Using your intuition can certainly be a great help in achieving this goal.

However, a reading of the past life can allow you to see much more deeply what your soul lessons have been and are, so you know that you are staying true to the path you have set for yourself.

You can get amazing insights into the circumstances of your current life by considering your personal past life history.

8. Curiosity about talent and travel

travel, talent and skillsDo you want to visit a special place? You may want to visit Italy to see the Vatican City or spend some time in Tuscany.

Maybe you dreamed of seeing the pyramids of ancient Egypt or climbing to the top of Machu Pichu in Peru? Your travel desires today are often clues to past lives.

My client Wendy loves Italy even though she is of Portuguese and English descent. During the reading of his past life, it turned out that he had several lives as a soldier in the Roman army.

You may be wondering if your skills, talents or hobbies could also be tracks and they usually are! When I was in high school I learned to do calligraphy for wedding invitations and artwork.

As I began to look at my own past lives, I saw that I had been a monk who was a scribe, creating handwritten and illustrated bibles during the Middle Ages in England.

My husband is fascinated by blacksmith tools and anvils. Looking back, he was a blacksmith in the wild west, during the 1800’s and sometimes more.

The best time to read a past life

2 2The truth is that the right time to read a past life is when you want to have one. The reasons for buying this personal and spiritual development service are many.

Whatever your reason for researching your past lives, go ahead! It’s a fun thing to do and you’ll learn a lot about yourself and the history of your soul.

Learn more and sign up today.

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