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Repairing our inner child helps to heal the wounds of childhood and leads to much healthier relationships. Listen to this episode to learn more.

Jenelle Annette is an inner work guide for women. She has founded several programs that help women overcome painful patterns and connect with their self-esteem. He has spent the last 5 years developing his methods and working alongside a wide variety of world-class mentors and teachers. Their focus is on the work of the shadows, the inner healing of the child, the ancestral trauma, the conscious relationship, and the true relationship. She believes that everyone deserves to harness the power of self-acceptance, as it is the necessary ingredient for unlimited possibility and transformation.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What is repainting?
  • How we benefit from repenting our inner child
  • What is an ancestral trauma?
  • How we begin to heal the wounds of our childhood

EP 497: Jenelle Annette – Reparenting and Child Interior Work for Healthier Relationships

Tell us your story and why you are doing this work.

I’m 25 years old and I’ve been doing this job since I was 19. I abused substances, wore tons of makeup, had bleached hair and always tried to be someone I wasn’t. I always wanted to know more about life, but I had a lot of coping mechanisms and unhealthy sleepy behaviors. I had reached such a low point, I had no choice but to change my life.

I moved to Vancouver with no money or friends. I couldn’t be more hooked. I started working with medicinal plants and joined a circle of women. It was a group of women who met weekly.

There we did repairs, shadow work and interior child labor. He lit a fire inside me. Since then, I have found amazing teachers who have helped me.

What is ancestral trauma and how does it develop in our lives?

It is any painful pattern or behavior that occurs in our lives that has been passed down for generations. For example, if your grandmother had an explosive anger, it will affect your mother, who is similar or the opposite, and this is passed on to you.

Trauma can also be transmitted to our genes. Trauma triggers a defense mechanism. We unleash ourselves and try to protect ourselves from trauma with painful patterns.

What is reparation and how does it help us to heal from the wounds of early childhood?

In relationships, we often seek to meet our unmet needs during childhood. We are attracted to a difficult parent-like person. We are attracted to the wounds of another person and the needs we are trying to cover. Ask yourself what are some of the things I wanted to do as a kid that I didn’t get. They can be physical or emotional needs. Also look at where you got the validation and where that validation came from.

When you were sad and your parents didn’t have the ability to help you regulate your emotions, you might have shut up.

Even if you are aware of a dysfunctional pattern, we cannot avoid our attraction. Don’t try to force yourself into an opposite relationship. Work within the relationship to get where you need to be. If you are attracted to men who are not emotionally available, there is often an unconscious pattern that you are not emotionally available. Open your heart more, tell your truth more. See what the dynamics are after introducing yourself more.

Reparating involves assessing some of the missing needs of childhood, and then intervening as an inner parent and meeting the needs of your inner child. If you need to be validated in your sadness, you can be the father and practice calm when you are sad. Sign up and ask yourself how you feel, so that you are more in tune with your emotions in a way that your parents could not. Check our body, the emotion connected to the bodily sense, and then the need connected with that feeling.

What are your latest tips for anyone who wants to go on their last date?

Go smooth and slow. Pick something to start with. Practice self-validation.

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