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Enemies Of a Loving Relationship

A loving relationship is every person’s desire. No one wants to nurse a wounded heart and no one has to.

Asian Indian, Pakistani, and Middle Eastern Families in Psycho-Therapy

One family assessment treatment issue is about the differences in rates of acculturation of family members. The general rule of thumb says that the degree of acculturation depends on: how many years were spent in the US, age at migration time, exposure to local culture and people, professional affiliations, work setting, spiritual and religious beliefs, health, and speaking English. Different family members may use different resources for coping, including resilience and internal hardiness.

The Rise and Rise of Online Dating

With the rise in the usage of computers there has been a remarkable increase in the number of people coming forward for online dating. It has become a popular trend today especially amongst those who are too busy to go out and meet others.

Preparation for the Second Stage of Three Stages of Life

This is the second part in the Three Stages of Life series. Describing the development in the womb. There are requirements need in the First and Second Stages before one can move successfully to the next.

Looking Inwards Is Scary – But Scarier Is Continue Hampering Your Success at Intimate Relationships

If you fail time and again in cultivating a successful relationship but refuse to take the time to look inwards and understand what makes you fail, you are doomed to continue failing. Getting up the courage to realize – once and for all – what’s going on, will enable you to embark on the right track to cultivating a successful relationship.

Relationships: When To Stay And When To Go

Like it or not, acknowledge it or not, believe it or not, the truth is that right now many of us (maybe the majority) have at least one unhealthy (optional) relationship in our life. It might be with a friend, a colleague, a business partner, a lover or spouse. For the purpose of this discussion, unhealthy could mean anything from poor communication, mutual indifference and boredom through to mental, emotional and (sadly) physical abuse.

Get Over Your Ex and Feel Alive Again

A breakup makes you sad and depressed. You feel like it’s the end of the world. You cannot eat, you cannot sleep and your heart is broken. Find out how to get over your ex and how to deal with the breakup.

How Do I Know If He Isn’t Right for Me? Learn How to Quickly Determine If He Isn’t Right for You

I am sure you have heard several stories about women who fall for a guy and after a few months into the relationship realize that he wasn’t the right one and that’s the time when everything becomes just too hard to handle. So I am guessing that you are reading this article because you are stuck in a mental cycle of confusion and aren’t sure whether the man you are with is even right for you or not. Well, worry not!

Who Is Generation X?

If you were one of those born between 1965 and 1975, you have the distinction of being a part of Generation X. Faced with economic, drug, and disease problems, this generation decided to modify the baby boomer culture to fit their own needs. After all, they felt nothing but dissatisfaction at the world that was being left to them by their forebears. Named after a book written by Douglas Copeland in 1991, they have been known by many stereotypical labels, but who exactly is the real generation X?

Emotional Transparency in Relationships: The Key To A Lasting Relationship

Emotional transparency in relationships. One of the keys to a great relationship is emotional transparency. These emotions that are usually not expressed can be the deeper ones like fear, sadness and longing. Intimacy is about revealing yourself to your partner.

How To Bridge Differences In Connecting Emotionally And Physically

Although having a sense of connection to others is a basic drive, if you ask people to describe their experience of feeling connected to another person, you will come up with a large range of responses. Feeling connected is a highly subjective experience and every person has their own version of this experience. When two people in a relationship have significant differences in how they experience connection, it is important for each person to recognize the difference and work to appreciate the others needs.

Your Psychic Relationships

Relationships can be a war zone or a tranquil garden, and it’s often you that create your own problems or a mismatch in individual personalities. Do you realize that you create the relationships that you desire and when you run into problems within a relationship?

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