Say THIS When He Doesn’t Want A Relationship

When Did We Finish? Defining When A Relationship Ends Is Not As Simple As You Might Think

Any relationship ends is not as simple as many people might think. The date of separation has always been important for obtaining a divorce since the legal requirement is separation for 12 months.

Will Your Relationship Last? 7 Must Read Questions

The way to know if your romance will last is to observe your partner’s past and present behavior, especially in group settings, and to learn the proven skills to make marriage work. Because I see so much of the damage caused by people blindly connecting, rushing through the stages of commitment, and not creating the solid basis a true relationship needs, I always welcome the chance to do pre-commitment counseling.

Men From Mars, Women From Venus, and Love and Respect

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus; one book put it that way. Yet it seems that two people cohabiting together as a married couple will need more from each other than the acceptance that they are completely different. Too often we get stuck in stereotyping men and women. We can no sooner categorise either before we run into the roadblock of ignorance.

Relationships: Why Do Some Men Fear Women?

As men are often physically stronger than women, it often makes it hard to comprehend that they could be fearful of women. This is something that can sound illogical and abnormal. When some people hear this it can sound like some kind of joke.

Designing The Relationship You Want – Identifying And Eliminating Your Biggest Obstacle

In this article I’ll go over your biggest obstacle to getting the relationship you want with the woman you want most… your attitude. I’ll give you an assignment that will change the way you see your goal. and get you closer to achieving it than you’ve ever been so far.

Why Do I Keep Holding Onto These Hurts?

There are times when we insist upon holding the hurt that both angers and grieves us, for we want justice, and we cannot let go until justice is served! Wrong upon wrong has been dealt us or those we love and we just cannot let it go. Yet the more we hold on, the more we stew in our own juices, and the harder it becomes to let go.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Feel Unattractive When A Relationship Ends?

To feel attractive is normal and something that the majority of people want to experience. Here, one can then feel a sense of healthy control when it comes to attracting the kind of man or woman that they desire. And this is also likely to lead to one feeling accepted and approved of by certain people. So this means that one’s wellbeing can be assisted through this taking place.

Relationships: Why Do Some Women Attract Controlling Men?

Although a woman can want to experience a relationship with a man that is healthy and functional, there are numerous things that can get in the way if this actually taking place. And one of these things is when a man is controlling.

Discovering the Hidden Hearts of Your Donor – Things You Would Want to Know About Your Donor

A transformational gift is one that could change the course of an organization or propel it towards their goals. The greatest impact of a transformational gift is on the donor. It is what changes a donor to a philanthropist. The key to transformational gifts is to provide the opportunity to your donor to find an outlet for their passion through your organization.

How to Attract Women by Qualifying

The term ‘qualification’ is starting to get around. It is solidifying its place in the dating world and every time it is mentioned in pick up artist workshops, it unmistakably raises curiosity. But what is this ‘qualification’ thing? And why are guys now going around saying to each other “You gotta qualify her, bro!”? First, let’s see why it is so damn important to discuss this and why no one should miss out on learning and applying this technique. The things is, this…

How To Present Your High Value Man Adventure To Get Her Attention

After you’ve designed your man adventure, the next step I recommend is that you give thought to how you present yourself. In this article I’ll give you 5 steps to go from being neglected and over-looked, to getting the attention and attraction you deserve.

Blueprint For An Attraction Strategy That Gets Her To Take Notice

In this article I’m going to give you my blueprint for getting her to notice you in a whole new way. In a way that gets her to not just phone in her relationship with you, but to be present, attentive and anxious for what’s gonna happen next.

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