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Built to Last – The Walls of Your Home

This article continues addressing how to build a relationship that lasts. Here we address the walls of your marriage.

The Cause And The Effect In The Family

Buddhism believes in cause and effect. It believes there is cause to every effect and every effect becomes a cause later. Buddhism does not believe in existence of God; for we can not find the cause of existence of God. Existence of God is accepted as a postulate. It is taken for granted. Other religions state that He is the cause and the effect rolled into one. He is self-created. The theory of cause and effect is applicable everywhere, including within a family. Parents are the cause and children are the effect, till they grow, to be the new cause. Harmony between the cause and its effects ensures peace all around.

4 Reasons You Deserve Better And Should Ask For It If You Want Your Ex Back

When there is a relationship break up, remember it means both people are at fault. No break up is totally the responsibility of one person, each person contributed in some way. With this in mind do not feel you are completely at fault for the break up.

The Ultimate Advice: Developing Self-Awareness Is Key to Having a Successful Intimate Relationship

Regardless of how old you are, whether you have had plenty of relationships or only a few, and how many of them were short-lived or not, one thing is certain: if you encounter problems and difficulties in your relationship(s) or if you are single and dating and aren’t successful in developing an intimacy, the key to make a significant change leading to success is developing your Self-Awareness. And regardless of how much experience you think you have with partners and relationships, and regardless of how many workshops your have taken and/or books have read about relationships,…

Relationships: Why Do Some People Fear That Their Partner Will Cheat?

There are numerous challenges that can arise in a relationship and while some of these are fairly insignificant and can be overlooked, others are far more significant and can’t be ignored. And while there is going to be external challenges, there is also going to be internal challenges. So this means the external challenges will typically be noticeable on the outside and if ones partner can’t see them, then perhaps friends or family will.

Characteristics of God – Omniscient

This article deals with the characteristic of God being Omniscient. He is all knowing, all seeing and understands all.

Women Want Intimacy Too

This article deals with the desire of women to have intimate relationships. It outlines some components of what a woman wants.

What Men Want From Intimacy

This article deals with key issues for men when it comes to intimacy. The focus is on the things he needs when he seeks intimacy.

Rival Sibling Relationships In The Bible – Triumph Or Tragedy!

Rival sibling relationships in the bible have been shown to cause havoc in the families it invades. Whether brought on by poor parenting or just exacerbated by shear jealousy they promote a debilitating environment that lasts for generations.

Facets of Personality and Dissociation

When we feel different than the person we are projecting to others, it can cause stress and sometimes shame. Most of us have felt that way at times, and the ability to integrate again is usually fluid. But when we feel fragmented and fake most of the time, it can be extremely painful and debilitating.

4 Simple Truths a Girl Should Know About Her Guy

It’s well known and a joke among many that men and women seem to be from different planets. They think different and have a different way of seeing things. An example would be the difference in their emotional actions and reasoning.

What Are We Really Giving?

Discover ways to overcome stress and conflict during the holiday season. Explore the energy behind the concept of giving and doing.

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