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How Trust and Respect Rely On Dignity

Dignity is all about the other person. Our respect relies on our dignifying them. Then they might trust us.

Relationships: Does Rescuing Others Keep Them Stuck?

At times, one is going to feel the need to help another; either through someone asking for help or as a result of one offering their hand without being asked. And as human beings need help from time to time, it is good thing that there are people like this in the world.

The Change of Heart in Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a gift of God. A gift can never be bought. We bring to him our willingness – that is all. God does the rest as he wills it.

Your Prayers Can Draw You Closer or Drive You Away From God

A relationship with God grows or dies through our prayers. Here are two points to consider about how you approach Him in prayer, human centered or God centered.

Trusting Your Heart Whether To Stay Or Go

We may consider ending a relationship based on our thinking, but our hearts end up being the final Adjudicator. Likewise, it’s the heart that will commit us to remain, even when things are still quite impossible.

Is His Behavior Normal?

It takes a miracle to truly change one’s mind. This is painfully true about human nature. And it is the best reason not to ignore behavior that is unacceptable or consider it as normal. Because when you do, you have made up your mind about this person… and only a real miracle will change it.

Maybe It’s Your Fault Your Parents Don’t Like Your Spouse

How you talk about your spouse could make all the difference in how your parents see your partner. If you tell your parents all the terrible things she or he does, that may be how your parents will treat him of her. Knowing which things it’s OK to share with your parents can make it easier on the relationship your parents have with your partner.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Tips on Getting Through

When going through a breakup with someone whom you have spent many years in a relationship, it can feel like you have no friends and nowhere to go. Many times this is because of the fact you probably spent all of your free time with this person who has chosen to no longer be in your life. If you are going through a divorce, it can be even worse because in addition to building your life around the person who just broke your heart, you may feel like a failure to the people you need most right now.

The Meaning of Life According to Jim Carrey

THE MEANING OF LIFE is a question that pulsates with either conscious or unconscious purpose within every single one of us. We cannot help but be captivated at some intrinsic level, because we suffer in the body, we experience losses, and many experiences of life are unjust. We all want to be inherently satisfied with life. We all want life to be personally meaningful.

Should You Stay or Go?

There are a lot of things you may not know about your partner until you move forward, in time, with your relationship. However, it’s good to know these things before you commit to a long-term relationship.

Is She Mrs Right?

For centuries now, or at least for as long as tabloids have been in existence, a copious amount of pages have been dedicated to the failed romances of celebrity couples. Some married for years, some for months and some for only days. This poses a scary question: if famous people can’t choose a spouse, how on earth are we expected to?

A Hole in My Heart

We all experience strife with situations or with people. By wrapping those events in love, metaphorically, we can heal and grow.

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