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Why Black Women May Be Rated Most Attractive

I am sick and tired of all the stereotypes trying to bring down our entire race of women by throwing negative connotations our way. To be honest, Black women have been through a lot, and have built so much strength over the years.

Christian Codependency: Does God Want You To Be Codependent?

Are you looking for help for your Christian codependency? If so, do you wonder if God wants you to be codependent? Christian codependents tend to overly give, ignore their own needs, tolerate mistreatment, and lose themselves while believing God is pleased with them. Many of the beliefs people commonly hold about what the Bible teaches about relationships appear to support the view that God wants us to be codependent. These four Scriptural teachings are often taken out of context and applied in ways that are unhealthy and unbalanced…

Fix Your Relationship in Three Steps

If you want to fix your relationship with your partner ask yourself two really important questions. How confident am I right now that I’ll be able to do it and secondly how important is it for me to do this? If you feel that it’s really important but you are not at all confident, read on.

Who Are Confident Women?

Jealousy happens when your partner (specifically women) are having personality issues within. A jealous behavior is sometimes due to the fact that a person lacks self-esteem or self-confidence making her feel insecure to others behavior. Sometimes, there is nothing to worry about but because that emotion is surging deep inside, a person can’t help but blame that to another.

The Cause and Cure of Christian Codependency

The cause of Christian codependency is misunderstanding what God wants us to do and be in relationships. The cure is…

Three Signs That You Haven’t Forgiven Your Offender

It isn’t always easy to know when you have actually forgiven someone, especially when it is someone close to you and the emotions run deep and the relationship is complicated. God commands you to forgive, if you want to be forgiven by him (Matthew 6:14-15), so it is important to know how to identify when you haven’t forgiven. Here are the three signs that you haven’t forgiven your offender…

Victory Over Selfishness

It took me awhile to admit to myself that I had a problem with being selfish, or stingy as my nephew calls it. But when you are very slow to offer or give others your time, money, possessions, or to lend an ear to friend when they need to talk, then you may have to look at your heart and find out why that is.

Projections – We See In Others What We Need For Ourselves

Why do certain people or situations trigger an emotional response in us? Maybe a work colleague is aggressive towards us and we react either by leaving the room or sitting frozen to the spot. The answer lies in our unexpressed emotions.

Christian Codependency: Changing the Beliefs Underlying False Guilt

Are you struggling with Christian codependency? If you answered yes, then you probably experience feeling guilty often in your relationships. Codependents struggle with guilt in relationships because they hold untrue beliefs about relationships.

How To Be In A Happy Relationship – 4 Quick Tips You Can Use Today

How to be in a happy relationship? Good question, and yes, it is a tough one. Nobody has any simple answers for you. However, here are 4 tips you can use right away. They just might help get you, and your relationship back on the right road to happiness!

Top 10 Reasons to Stay Single and Happy!

I once read an interesting quote that said “Being single doesn’t always mean that you are available, it simply means do not disturb.” I find it amazing that in today’s society a great deal of emphasis is placed on marriage and commitment.

Poems About Life – Custom-Written for All Occasions

Poems about life are a unique and effective way to make someone feel worthy. Surveys show that in today’s tech world, where people rarely actually speak with one another anymore, many of us feel isolated. We may get an email, a tweet or a text, but nothing beats a message written just for us and about us. Read on.

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