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Did you know that Tango can help improve your relationship? Linda Sutton says she can say many things by watching a couple dance.

For more than ten years, Linda Sutton has been sharing her passion for dance and relationships. She is the executive producer of the award-winning 22Tango Show with Linda Sutton. The show is now available on ROKU and Amazon Fire TV, streaming in 18 countries. Linda’s unique combination of corporate experience with performing arts experience combines to create energetic performances that inspire. He joined me on the podcast to talk about what we can learn from Tango to improve our relationships.

How is tango a metaphor for harmonious and passionate relationships?

Tango is a reflection of relationship dynamics. It is purely non-verbal. You need to communicate without words. If two people aren’t on the same page, you’ll see them in five or seven steps, as they stumble and collide. When they are synchronized, magic occurs. It’s exciting. It is important to have a leader and a follower in dance.

Why is non-verbal communication so important in tango and how does it give us a view of communication in relationships?

Much of the communication is non-verbal. They are unaware of the amount of information they are transferring to their partners through non-verbal communication. You can feel tension and openness when you are in someone’s arms. Once people experienced it, they realized that they were communicating like this from the dance floor.

What are the common places where communication breaks down in dance and how do they apply to romantic relationships?

I can see how relationships are broken through people dancing. Where you focus changes the way you position your body. The couple can feel the change of focus and subtle things when they are not aligned.

Trust, active listening, and giving and receiving feedback are key areas of breaking communication on the dance floor and at home.

How can dancing tango help improve your relationship?

Dancing is an association. The only way to work is to work together.

As a single person, there are things that need to be prepared mentally to enter into association. You have to be prepared to be fully present. It can make you aware of where your trust issues lie. If you follow the dance and do not fully trust the other person, it will immediately appear in your body.

What are your latest tips for anyone who wants to go on their last date?

These kinds of experiences (in tango dancing) help you speed up your relationships. More people are kinesthetic learners than they think. Through dance, they heal, become more open to giving and receiving love, and prepare to be in a relationship.

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