Ten holiday gifts for middle-aged women in your life

The holiday season has arrived! This wonderful time of year can also lead to some tensions (even when there is no pandemic). As we are about to celebrate and support GenXers and Baby Boomers, our team has compiled this list of ten holiday gifts for middle-aged people. women in your life. Make shopping easier for you while looking for gifts for friends and family, and possibly something special for you too.

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Back and neck massage pillow

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Have you ever felt persistent neck or back pain? Of course you have. We all do it at some point. This warm Shiatsu back and neck massage pillow is ergonomically designed to be combined with the contours of different parts of the body. It features four deep paste Shiatsu massage nodes to soothe and relieve muscle tension. The adjustable intensity button provides three different speeds, allowing the right amount of pressure to relieve back and neck pain. Use it when you relax watching TV or reading a book. It even comes with a car adapter, which makes your long-distance travel more comfortable.

Bag Bars


Created for the energy, weight control and self-care of a menopausal woman, Bossa Bars are delicious herbal, gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sugar, low-calorie energy bars for natural support. women’s health. With an average of 4.9 reviews, middle-aged women love Bossa Bars with coffee in the morning, after a workout and as an energy boost in the afternoon! Goodbye to middle menopause!

Member with full access to dance


Dancing is a great way to help your body and mind stay in shape and it’s fun! This holiday season, give someone a one-month online subscription to full access to Danceation. Created by international pop star and choreographer Heath Hunter, Danceation is a proven method that incorporates all styles of music and dance. Plus, it’s easy to follow. More than a dance class, Danceation has built a welcoming community of dancers and is a safe space for all people to transform and express themselves through movement. Live online classes, access to a large number of recorded classes that include body toning and strengthening courses, and choreography instructional videos are included in the subscription.

Give a shawl

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Not only do we love the feel and feel of this cozy shawl, but we love the meaning it conveys. Each shawl is made of a sumptuously soft fabric designed for relaxing comfort and presented in a beautiful gift box. Give it to a friend or loved one so they know you’re thinking about them and that you care. An inside pocket is designed to hold handkerchiefs, glasses, or a cell phone. The incredibly comfortable Giving Shawl includes a message of encouragement printed on a souvenir marker in your inside pocket.

CuppaCards Greeting Cards

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Nowadays when email and text messaging are the norm, it’s rare to receive a great greeting card in the mail. This makes the gift of a CuppaCards box a special and special gift. Each card is a replica of a bouquet of flowers painted by Kirsten Rao, the owner of this women-run business. Notepads and the 2022 limited edition calendar are also awesome. When you give away a CuppaCards box, you will not only delight the lucky recipient, but you will also support all the local businesses that help produce it.

Jewelry by Mabel Chong

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The gift of jewelry is so significant. Look no further than Mabel Chong Jewelry to find treasures to give to the women in your life. Mabel’s designs evoke the duality of nature by combining intricate beauty with earthy materials in an approach she describes as “Uncivilized Elegance”. Like the unique and charming imperfect stones she chooses, Mabel’s handmade organic pieces are designed to remind every woman of her own raw and exceptional beauty. He has curated a collection of pieces under $ 150 that will adorn the recipient very well.

Mixology gift set

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There are days when it better end with a cocktail, don’t you think? Rysse Goldfarb of Mommy Mixology and Jason Laviage are the hosts of the Covid Cocktail Club on YouTube and the founders of Bar-tisan. They have created a holiday mixology gift game for everyone who wants to make homemade cocktails at home. Their simple, limited-edition, high-quality syrups, in small batches, can be combined with liqueurs or non-alcoholic alternatives to make festive drinks. The set includes recipes and useful bar tools for anyone to become a home mixer. Greetings to you and to those who buy this fun gift!

Plan to Purify

Preivse Purify Cleanser

Previse Purify is ZeroFragrance. ZeroFragrance means no artificial fragrance or essential oil. This marine and botanical cleanser has been developed by Swedish and American dermatologists for all of us who have whimsical or sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic, pH balanced, paraben free and clinically proven, Previse Skincare is made with plant ingredients. Vegan formulas use the power of nature to help you achieve and maintain youthful, glowing skin. What woman doesn’t want that?

Thank you, thank you and happy cups

heart mug group 2

Keeping a hot drink with both hands is a calm ritual. This stoneware cup fits comfortably in a woman’s hands and conveys the perfect feeling of gratitude. We believe this is the perfect gift for friends, family and any wonderful woman you would like to thank. You can even complete the gift by filling the cup with a gift card, coffee, tea or some sweets.

First Dating Stories: Romantic and Ridiculous Adventures of Average Women

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Almost everyone likes a good first date story and this book is full of them. From the hopeful to the hilarious to the horrible, this collection of debut dates induces laughter, rolled eyes and nods to all the women who are or have been on the dating scene. After each story, there are helpful takeaway tips for inspiring and fun dating and expert women quotes. Jodi wrote this book to make women feel like they are part of a middle-aged group and to encourage them to keep their hearts open to love. Give a friend or yourself what Readers’ Favorite has called “the caliber of experiences you expect when choosing a book.”

Ten holiday gifts for middle-aged women in your life

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