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How To Get Along With A Roommate

Living with someone in the same room is tough, whether it is a stranger, a friend, or even your sibling. Sharing personal space is hard, but it is not impossible.

How To Be Present In Your Relationship

A big part of relating to another person is staying in the present with them and taking in immediate impressions of their actions, words and feelings and then being able to respond spontaneously. So often we are desperately concerned with what impression we are making on others, we have little internal space for taking in any new impression of them. This article will help you to become more present in your relationships.

How to Get Over Breakup Pain and Move On With Your Life

If you’re reading this, first I’d like to say that you will survive this. Anyone wondering how to get over breakup pain is in a cold, dark place. Fortunately, with a little effort, time and assistance, you will get over your ex.

A Love ‘Trance’ – Become a Love Magnet Using the Law of Attraction

This is a love ‘trance’ but it is also a powerful meditation technique to attract love and become a true love magnet, completely irresistible, according to the law of attraction. If you have already found a love partner this meditative love ‘trance’ will enhance your love for each other.

9 Relationship Myths Busted – Debunking Common Beliefs About Soulmates

Most people tend to believe that a soulmate relationship is pure bliss and that if you’re with a soul mate you won’t have common relationship problems. This isn’t the case! There are always love pitfalls, but being aware of these relationship myths is key to finding and keeping your soulmate.

Seeing The Perfection In Every Relationship

Since it is often very difficult to detect our own cracks or hidden agendas, our Higher Selves arrange for us to meet others who hold up mirrors so that we have a better chance of experiencing and understanding what isn’t complete within us yet. Our friends and foes are all willing to play their respective roles for our benefit. We learn that we are all the things that we don’t like in others, but we also discover that we are all the things we like in others. Both are challenging because they require acceptance on our part. How many times do we feel we are not worthy to receive, not beautiful enough to please, not intelligent enough to be of use, or not skilled or competent enough to make a difference?

Recovering From Codependency

Co-dependency is an emotional and behavioural compulsion that affects your ability to maintain healthy, mutually fulfilling relationships. Codependent relationships are often one-sided, emotionally destructive and/or abusive. In such a relationship, you may feel like a caregiver, while you view your partner as someone in need; to be guided, rescued or saved. You may have been told that you often try to “fix” your partner.

Healing Yourself and Your Partner Using the Imago Process

Imago therapy is so groundbreaking because it is a completely new way of looking about yourself, your partner and the forces that have brought you together. It teaches you how to listen, and how to finally be heard. The Imago theory states that we are subconsciously attracted to partners who embody both the negative and the positive traits of our parents. We are unintentionally trying to recreate our childhood. Initially in a relationship, we are attracted to partners who mirror our parents. Soon, those similar traits begin to produce a need in us to change our partner, or make new demands on them. So as a woman, if you had an absent or neglectful father, you will seek out partners who are distant, who you may not be able to read or predict, and will always leave you feeling insecure. The problem is that when you fall in love with this type of person, and commit to them for a lifetime, your relationship turns into a constant battle in which you feel needy and starved for attention, and your partner pushes you away.

Dad, I Just Want You to Hold Me!

He stopped abruptly and said in a loud voice, “Jim, What is it that you want from me?!” There in his kitchen I looked at him and blurted out, “Dad, I just want you to hold me!” He could have shamed me. Instead, he walked over to me and gave me a big old WWII Vet Bear Hug. Our true relationship began.

Is Your Marriage or Family Dysfunctional?

The term “dysfunctional family,” once used only by professionals, has become popular jargon in America where dysfunctional families are the norm due to cultural values, a high divorce rate, and widespread addictions – from prescription drugs to exercising, working, and shopping. A healthy family functions smoothly like a well-run company. The executives – the parents – make and agree upon rules, which are consistent and reasonable. There may be occasional arguments and expressions of anger, but peace returns and individuals feel loved and respected. It’s a safe haven – a place of sustenance and nurturing – that has an air of openness, spontaneity, and playfulness, and allows for freedom of expression.

How to Build a Meaningful Relationship

A quick guide to what makes a meaningful relationship and how to develop one. So, you meet someone and start dating, the attraction is mutual, one thing leads to another, and then you’re ‘together’. But now what? This is a tricky stage for a lot of people. Here we’ll focus on the basic elements that help to bring meaning into a relationship, making it more healthy and loving, and giving it more potential to last.

Latino Families

It is helpful for therapists to engage Latinos with their spiritual power and reconnect them with their history, family and community feelings. One good approach is the CFT or Community Family Therapy.

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