The Comparison Trap That I Fell Into

A Man Is Going To Be A Man!

In 2015 I declare it’s time we call our sons, our fathers, our homeboys and our lovers to a higher level! So what exactly is A Man Going To Be IN YOUR LIFE?

Freud’s Defence Mechanisms Might Manifest Themselves in Your Relationships

You might find yourself failing in your relationships, without being aware of the fact that you are being controlled and sabotaged by your own denials. In order to become aware, you might want to develop your Self-Awareness: get to understand what makes you “fall” into relationships and partners which are no good for you.

Is It Really Better to Give Than to Receive?

For a relationship to succeed, there needs to be a balance between the giving and the taking. Sometimes one person has to do more giving, but if this continues, there is apt to be resentment and a feeling of being taken for granted.

Saving Your Relationship By Thirty Percent

Would you like an extended warranty on your marriage? Wouldn’t that be nice? It’s important to look at our relationships as investments with good returns. This article will help you increase the odds of having a lasting relationship.

Dating Tips For Women – Get Them Straight From Your Experienced Friends

Are you still looking for the right man to bring you down the aisle in the near future? Have you been dating for a long time now and still haven’t found the man of your dreams? Don’t give up just yet.

Stray Thoughts on Desire and Lust

In college, I read Ovid the classical Roman poet and his concept of ‘gaze’. It is a word that is the beginning of all feelings. Ovid related this word to women.

Top Tips to Build Relationships in Organizations

Take a moment and think about a leader in your organization whom you would consider best in maximizing relationships. How do you describe such a leader? Some descriptions that may immediately come to mind are trustworthy, empathy, concerned for others, understanding, building employee commitment and engagement and motivating.

Valentine’s Day, Love, Sex, Submission, Self-Awareness and Intimate Relationships

If you truly want to find out what drives you to fall into relationships which are no good for you and how to change, you need to develop your Self-Awareness. This means, becoming aware of whatever it is that controls your needs, feelings, attitudes and behaviors. Becoming aware of how you shoot yourself in the foot in relationships. When you develop Self-Awareness you can stand on your two feet and approach partners and relationships with a sense of empowerment. Developing Self-Awareness is a process which frees you from unhealthy emotional and behavioural patterns, and paves the way for you to find a partner with whom to develop a successful intimacy.

Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore – There’s No Reason to Stay

Strange how something so life-altering comes stealing in like fog that rolls in and grows denser until it obscures the landscape; you wake up one day and it feels like a stranger is in your bed. Gone is the thrill of seeing their face, of robbing one more minute of time from the day to cuddle or of a shared yawn. Gone; what happened, where did the road turn, taking you to this strange place?

Fifty Plus Dating

Fifty plus dating, It can be a tough call, however, the stigma of middle aged people having relationships has all but dissipated.Read on for some friendly advice.

Into the Hands of Fate – When There’s No Easy Way Out

He first noticed her entering the elevator; just noticed her for some reason. He began seeing her leaving his building several times during the week. Their eyes met in a casual, friendly kind of way. Finally, he approached her; “Are you a new arrival in our building?” She seemed surprised, “Heavens no, I’ve worked here for years!” He was surprised, why was he suddenly noticing her? “Have you ever seen me in this building?” She laughed, “I only noticed you in the elevator a few days ago to be honest, are you new here?” He had been working in the building for 19 years; how odd he thought.

After Your Gift Has Been Delivered

Robots are being taught a lot of things these days, especially how to think and act like humans. But can robots really have the emotions of humans?

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