The diamond’s own identity led to a great romance

diamond's own identity

How the creation of a diamond identity led to romance

I want to focus on how a simple step, creating a diamond identity, can change your love life and dating.

You may be gaining a few pounds or even more. Or maybe you feel a little wrinkled, worn and old. You may be out of the dating scene. But it really doesn’t matter! You can take a simple step, empower yourself in a new and fresh way and create a fantastic romance.

Sally hires a loving mentor

Let’s talk about Sally, who works with Tamara Green on our Love Mentoring® program. It makes about 50 pounds. overweight and in her 50s. Although she has not lost weight and her age has certainly not changed, she took the simple step I am about to share with you and her whole life has changed. When Sally started Love Mentoring®, nothing was coming out. Now almost every man she knows is asking her out, she is so attractive. In the last year, four men have asked her for an exclusive relationship. Sally is someone who had trouble getting even a date. She is now a dating queen!

In the past, Sally used to say things like, “I’m too unattractive for men,” “Men want thinner women,” “I’m too old,” “No man wants a woman with a health problem.” In other words, she was very focused on what was wrong or unattractive to her. This kind of negative self-talk is the one that tends to chain you, to keep you from going out. Your inner critic prevents you from meeting people and fulfilling your dreams of companionship and passionate love.

How to create your own diamond identity

The simple and amazing step Sally took was to create a diamond identity that turned this negative conversation into a positive internal dialogue. Sally’s love mentor showed her how these self-doubting negative thoughts came from a negative and disappointing identity. So Sally needed to create a new diamond identity that was beautiful and very attractive to men.

Sally used this diamond personal identity process to help you turn your negative thoughts about yourself into positive ones. It consists of two steps:

  • Ask your best friends to tell you what’s most wonderful about you – why they love you, why they like to be around you. What is beautiful and attractive about you. Write your answers.
  • Ask them to help you create a new nickname Diamond Self based on what they perceive of you.

Sally chooses her own diamond identity

For example, Tamara showed Sally how she actually had a very magnetic personality. Sally’s best friend told her she was very curvy and reminded her of a delicious figure from ancient Venus. Tamara and Sally invented a nickname that was Venus delicious and seductive (LAV for short) !!! You could even hear the difference in Sally’s voice when she played with that diamond identity.

Take a moment and call one or two friends and ask them what is really appealing about you. Then ask them to help you write down any nicknames you might have. Do not be shy! Think Aphrodite, Queen Latifah (born Dana Owens), Luscious Liz, Amazing Grace. Just join for free with the wonderful things your friends are saying about you to help you create your diamond identity.

Sally used her positive change to give herself a makeover to make her look younger, feel younger, and of course feel much better about herself. Sally used to avoid mirrors. Now, when he looks in the mirror, he is pleasantly surprised at how well he looks. Now that she has accessed her Diamond Self Identity, she operates from her in everything she does. Sally is amazing. Take advantage of every opportunity to meet men.

One day, she was walking into a restaurant and this man was walking in at the same time. Seeing that he was alone, she said very happily, “Hello, how are you today ?!”. The surprised man smiled warmly at her and said, “Much better now!” He quickly asked if they could sit together. They had a great meal together, laughing and telling stories of their travels. They’ve been dating for 4 months now, and he’s in love with her too.

Bottom line

This can happen to you. Yes, you. You can instantly increase and increase your self-confidence and increase your self-esteem. And find a real love partner that is right for you. So please start working on this simple step. Call your friends, write down some nicknames. And to help you with the diamond personal identity process, I’m happy to say that Amazon broadcasts my Love program in 90 days. It’s free with Prime Video. In it, I take you through the Diamond Identity. So I will be your guide to take you through this life transformation process.

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