The gift of giving explored

For example, with charitable donations, the neurotransmitter dopamine is involved, and studies show that this type of donation can lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Could you and your loved one do something beneficial together during the holidays that will bring them the joy of returning them? Not only will you do something wonderful, but the health benefits of social connection in this way are good and good. It’s a shared experience that shows how much you love people and cares about sharing and giving in an altruistic way. This type of donation stimulates the mesolimbic pathway, the rewarding part of your brain that releases endorphins and makes you feel good.

There are several ways to give and all have a different feeling and result associated with it. In their day, people made what was called a “mixed tape” (now widely known as a “playlist”), which was a selection of songs that resonated with them about the recipient they wanted to share. Going into your music library and choosing songs that say something about the person you love is very significant. For anyone who feels uncomfortable expressing themselves emotionally, this is a lovely way to express how you feel. You can also make a selection of music that says all the things you know and love about the object of your affection. The songs you choose will really let you know that you know them well.

What is a sentimental gift? Something that makes sense. Remember the first book or movie you came across when you fell in love? Where were you when you first set your eyes? Where did you go on your first date? Where was the first place you went? Imagine what it would be like to be in a game program where you have to choose exactly what you love or dislike, or do or say to your partner. If you pay attention to the details, it is a demonstration of the fact that you are interested and interested. Sentimental gifts related to this detail speak volumes and can be incredibly touching, no matter how small. It’s not about the expense or the size of the gesture, it’s about the feeling behind it. If you find yourself struggling or your relationship is new, don’t be afraid to lean in, ask questions, really listen, or reach out to your loved one for special advice and information.

What about the gift you can use or carry compared to the experimental gift? Both can be equally tricky if you’re wrong, or it could also be a lot of fun if you do. If you want to play it safe, it’s a good idea to get to know your target audience and be prepared for the adventure without frightening them. For example, are you both fond of cooking? Could you give away an experience of baking bread or cakes, together, with chef hats doing something fun and memorable? Is there something you’ve both always wanted to do that you could give away and share together? Are you a wine lover? How about a wonderful evening learning all about wines from a particular region? Would you like to be able to dance as a couple? How about a salsa class or a dance lesson? All of these ideas make dating nights perfect and are a wonderful gift from shared experiences. Maybe your men could be generous and give your girlfriend a handkerchief and cocktails for a girls night out? Prove that you are sure to make room in a relationship.

Giving and receiving in a relationship is not only a matter of space and responsibilities, it can also be detrimental if one of the parties is always the person who gives thoughtfully and the other is the lazy recipient. You need balance to feel natural, authentic, giving from the heart generously and not because it’s the season or because you need to. Giving up in the middle of unexpectedly, but in a way that says you know your partner, is a wonderful way to consolidate your love and connection. Of course, it’s all a matter of balance. If you give too much because of a neuropsychological need to be seen or accepted, then giving too much can also be uncomfortable for the recipient. You don’t want them to feel overwhelmed or suffocated. Do you also think about what type of receiver you are? Will you allow yourself to give?

The biggest gift you can make all year long is time and listening.

Not just listening, but listening. The more time you spend and the more you listen, the easier it will be to give you gifts so that ideas and feelings will come to you naturally and easily. Change the gift of this festive season with this in mind and you will bring total joy to the person you love.

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