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Relationships: Why Are Some People Only Attracted To People Who Need To Be Rescued?

If one was to come across a magazine or a newspaper, for instance, they may be told that if they are a man, they will be attracted to a certain type of women and vice versa. For example, when it comes to women, it is likely to say that their hip to waist ratio is important, and for men, it could talk about the importance of height.

Relationships: Do Some Websites Condition People To Believe That All Men/Women Are The Same?

In today’s world, it is incredible easy for someone to learn about something, and this is largely due to the internet. The only thing they need in order to access all the information they could ever need is to have some kind of device.

The Aftermath of a Relationship With a Narcissist

Have you been in love with a narcissist? Are you now going through pain and confusion as a result of the relationship ending?

When Someone Believes That All Men/Women Are The Same, Is It Because They Lack Self-Awareness?

While there are people who are able to see that not all men/women are the same, there are also people who are unable to do so. In their eyes, every member of the opposite gender is going to be the same.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Think They Are Superior To Men/Women?

When one thinks about the opposite gender, they may start to think about some of the men/women that they know. Through doing this, they could reflect on what they are like and the kind of qualities they they bring to the world.

Relationships: Do People Who Rescue Others Experience Inner Conflict?

While someone can have moments where they take care of their own needs and the needs of others, they can also experience life differently. What this means, is that they can be in a position where they only focus on their own needs or on other people’s needs.

Relationships: Do Some Women’s Childhoods Set Them Up To Hate Men?

While someone could say that they hate a certain type of food, for instance, they can also say that they hate the opposite gender. It one could relate to the first example (or if they hated something similar), it is unlikely to have much of an effect on their life.

Icebergs, Mirages and Crucial Conversations

When trust prevails, what’s to be said is said. When trust fails, what’s unsaid is misread.

Henri Nouwen, Carl Rogers, and the Love of Personal Concern

PERSONAL concern is something we all need; to receive, but also to give. But what is meant on the subject of personal concern?

Forgiveness When a Relationship Is a One-Way Street

FORGIVENESS never seemed a struggle for me until I found myself in a situation where wrong had been done to me and there was absolutely no burden felt by the other side. And to give you an indication of how much I’d been blessed by God in the extension of forgiving grace, I’d forgiven a major marital infidelity in my first marriage.

The Fear of Being Excluded

Many of us grew up experiencing, in one way or another, the pain of being excluded. Perhaps you felt excluded at home – by parents or siblings, or with friendships at school or outside of school. As a child, being excluded is deeply crushing.

Choosing to Make Someone’s Day Because You Can

There’s power in the little things. God is in the little things. The eternal realm is in the little things. And joy, hope, peace, love, and much virtue is in the little things.

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