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Short Romantic Bedtime Stories

Have been writing for a long time as I am a content writer. Today I thought, why not start writing my own stories. These 3 short romantic bedtime stories are real and I know all the people involved. I will tell you all who these are one day, but for now, I want you to revel in these short stories. What say?

Hey, just read them. I am sure you will all like them all. Let me know how you feel via the comments section. Also, if you want to know more about relationships, then you must click here now.

Yes, I have added some romantic quotes as well to make it more dynamic. You can find more quotes like good evening message for her right here. Enjoy!

Short Romantic Bedtime Stories For You

I have been thinking for a long time to share these real romantic stories with you all. I have finally found the strength to, so do read these and let me know. These may not seem like the traditional free online romance reads best romance novels, but they are nothing less too. Read them and find it for yourself. Yes, come, come and read them.

Father And a Daughter 1
Short Romantic Bedtime Stories

She Left For… ..

She left for her heavenly abode. He whispered “Goodbye” for one final time as he stood with the infant in his arms. The child was 6 months old and the mother committed suicide for reasons still unknown. Nonetheless, he was only 21 and swore never to remarry again. He kept that promise till the time he passed away at 69.

The child by that time had turned into a beautiful lady, who had a loving husband and two grown-up girls. Isn’t that romantic?

Yes, I agree, this may not sound like another free romance novels, but this is a true short story. It starts with a huge loss, but that is life, isn’t it so?

They Met… ..

She met him at this big plush 5-star hotel. None of them were dining, but both were working. He was the Concierge and she was a dancer who was part of an Indian traditional dancing troupe. How they met is another story, she had a full-time government job that involved tele-calling. Theirs is a really cute short love story.

They conversed over the phone for a few days and finally met at the hotel. It was love at first sight. They got married within 7 days! Skeptics will call it fools rush in, but they are happily married to this day. It has been 42 years and not a day goes by without seeing each other ever since.

They have two daughters and guess what? She is the infant from She Left For… ..

I hope you have liked the stories so far. Yes, they are short romantic stories to read online for free. I didn’t want to write cumbersome fully worded stories, as I wanted to present to you the essence of these love stories.

Here is the next one. I know you all will not be able to leave in between.

They Were Babies… ..

They met when they were babies and that really makes this one of the best free online romance novels to read now type of a story. It may not be as long as a novel, but these are true stories that will melt your heart.

She was 6 months old when she was carried by her father-in-law to their home. He was 3 years old and was busy playing on his own. However, they met and when he brushed by her side, the baby grabbed his shirt. He tried his best to release his shirt, but she wouldn’t let go.

Years, after they met when she was 22 and he was 25. She was undergoing her graduation and he was already an officer in the navy. They fell in love instantly and after 6 years of courtship, and finally got married. As of now, they have a cute little daughter.

These two people have vowed to be together through thick or thin, raise the child in a happy environment, and never let go of each other. She is the firstborn of that infant from She Left For… ..

How were stories? I have taken inspiration from real life and tried to capture the spirit of the lives of these people. I hope they like it, you like it, and we all have a great Valentine’s Day with this. Well, to me every day is a Valentine’s Day provided you live like it!

These short romantic bedtime stories are nothing less than true life experiences. All you need is to come forward and see what you live for is worth it. That is romantic, isn’t it?

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