The secret of the number 1 attraction you’ve always known

Being attractive to men can be tricky. I have a great attraction secret that you’ve known for a long time, but probably never used!

Have you ever wondered what makes a guy say:

“Hey, this girl is different … there’s something about her” …

I, “Hey, this girl is like everyone else I’ve ever met”?

As someone who has dated many women not long ago, the once sealing the deal for a boy is something most girls do now exhibition.

But the problem is, most of these women don’t realize it, and they NEVER practice it enough with boys.

Don’t worry, there are some nothing dodging on the special, must have quality that attractive women have. In fact, it is as simple as understanding a few basic patterns of attractive behavior.

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Being yourself = Lazy?

Okay, most women have heard the tired old trope that they should just “be themselves“to make a boy see his” true beauty “and fall madly in love with them.

What happens with this generic advice is that it doesn’t really delve into the heart of the matter.

At some point, “being yourself” becomes one excuse me act and dress the way you want, and that’s completely lost.

The true spirit of “being yourself” is to be the highest quality version you can be.

Okay, what does that mean? practical terms?

You have to use certain features that you NOW have, but in the RIGHT configuration.

Maybe it’s okay to wear a less-than-flattering dress and (and literally) drop your hair when you’re home. However, when you are away from home, you should behave and act appropriately for the occasion.

You wouldn’t wear your sweatpants and a pint of your favorite ice cream to a job interview, nor would you wear a corporate suit before bed.

But it’s more than just appearances, it’s also about your behavior under. For example, you should say the first thing does this come to mind when you go out with a guy?

Obviously not, but it is no because you are trying cover a part of yourself – it’s more about putting on your “game face”, that is, getting the light out best parts of your personality when needed.

Take out the real you

So what can you do to help best parts shine on yourself when it really counts?

First of all, don’t be like other women who think they can stop taking care of themselves and do not care about how they look, all the time waiting Mr. Perfect for crashing through your front door.

This means that you should always be up to date on your health, fitness, style and hygiene if you want to advertise yourself as someone that men can take. seriously. There really is no way to avoid this.

But here’s the trick: your main motivation is to celebrate your best qualities and feel GREAT to be YOU. You are not just good bye to other people hoping to get their approval.

In other words, taking genuine care of your own well-being is an attitude that encourages others to have a positive perception of you.

The other benefit of a self-referral and self-esteem attitude is that it creates a relaxed, calm aura (mainly because you’re happy with who you are) that draws other people into your orbit.

Take control of your attractiveness

So what you need to realize here is that you already have the ability to be the most attractive woman there is, and the trick is to have enough self-awareness ACT on it.

For example, you might think that opening up to a guy you just met intimate details of your life will bring you closer. Just create the on the contrary effect because it is no in the mood to simply deal with these things yet.

Of course, your challenges and dislikes may be part of who you are, but there are time ia place to get that part out of yourself later.

In the meantime, you better focus your energy on being a fun girl to hang out with.

Besides, you already are that girl when you’re with your friends. There is no bet involved and your only agenda is to enjoy the pleasure of the company of others.

Now is the time to be that same person when you have an appointment. When a guy realizes that you just want to move his world and nothing else, you will be 100% real to him.

So relax, relax and do not think on the result. Plus, you know you look great (since you’ve been taking care of yourself), so you’ll feel great as a result.

Also, think about how relaxed you are body language it’s when you’re in the presence of people you’re comfortable with, like your friends and loved ones.

This means no fast, restless hand movements or hunched posture. All signs must indicate that you have yours full attention; it should be like the only person in the room.

Crazy as it may sound, but behaving in a certain way will help you “figure out the role” of the person you want to “portray” (who happens to be someone you already are in certain situations).

If your life was a movie, you’ve been playing it attractive “character” all the time. Just get in the habit touching it when the time is right.

Oh, and if you are interested in getting the man of your dreams to play the protagonist of your life, you better find out his Connection style as fast as possible.

It’s a basic trait that all men have, and you can learn how to use it to create the perfect relationship. It all starts by GOING HERE.

Yours, in Perfect Passion,

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/29/2021

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