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Money, Marriage and Kids

When it comes to money, opposites attract, at least initially. Once we’re in committed relationships, married, or have kids together, our money differences often turn into relationship problems. This article offers tips on how to navigate those differences so that even after marriage, even after kids, being money-opposites with spouses keeps us attracted to each other.

Smart Phones Are Dumb Phones: Staying Connected With Spouses and Kids When Technology Pulls Us Apart

We live in a time of intense technological distraction, especially with advances in smart phones. What’s the downside? Couples spend time together, but separately engaged on their phones, and parents increasingly ignore kids and spouses for the benefit of texting and phone calls. What to do?

What Do Men Want in a New Relationship? Learn What Your Man Will Expect From You Early On

A new relationship is the period of dizzy dates and wanting to give the best impression. For woman it is often confusing as to what do men expect of them, to find out more, read on.

What Do Men Expect From a Woman in a Relationship? Learn These 7 Essential Things Before It’s Late

It is common knowledge that men do expect a lot from their woman. It is important to know what a guy expects of you so that you can come up to scratch! Being the person your man wants you to be is essential and you will help to make the relationship a great success in every way. Here are some tips to get you there!

What Do Guys Like in Bed? Learn the Things Guys Like in Bed and the Things You Should Avoid

There are plenty of ways a woman can please a man in bed. Here are some ways you can turn him on without any problem. Men do look out for certain things that can not only turn them on but make them really happy with their partners.

What Do Guys Enjoy the Most in Bed? Learn the 7 Most Essential Things Every Man Wants in Bed

Satisfying your man and becoming the impost important person in his life should be your goal. If you understand what guys enjoy the most in bed you will be in a better position to have a hold over him and keep him happy in the bargain. Here are some tips for you.

How Do I Get My Boyfriend to Appreciate Me a Lot More? 7 Ways to Get the Value You Deserve

When the relationship settles into a comfortable zone, you feel that your boyfriend stops doing small things for you or fails to notice you, and that you are being ignored. If you are the one feeling the same, the tips given will certainly help you.

Right Words That Can Revive Your Relationship

Did the last conversation with your boyfriend haven’t worked out the way you expected? Did you had an ugly argument or did he seemed cold and with lack of feelings for you? Well, he just probably acted that way from instinct but he really still likes you and deep down he still have feelings for you.

How to Check Your Boyfriend’s Cheating Background

Have you ever been to the point that you wanted to know for sure if your boyfriend was cheating on you? Or even if he’s known for cheating in the past?

Reasons to Join the YouTube Community

There are many reasons as to why to join YouTube community. Whether you like watching amusing, entertaining movies for free or you like making your own videos to share with other people online, YouTube is the place you want to be. However, YouTube isn’t just a website for watching and sharing videos. It has an online community section, so it can be considered a social networking site as well as being a place to see and show movies.

Love Bites – What Are They?

A love bite is a bruise, caused by bleeding under the skin as a result of your partner’s vampire-like sucking on your neck. This temporary discoloration, technically called a hyperpigmentation, results from blood being drawn out of vessels under your skin.

The Blurry Line Ahead

The age of transparency is upon us and I can attest to its utter weirdness. Recently, Katie and I had an engagement picnic on Davis Island where family, friends, and business contacts all came together. Our collective sets of parents flew in for this extended weekend. Of the 2 pairs of parents, it’s our dads who have the Facebook accounts. They both use their accounts to keep up to speed with their family and friends all over the globe!

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