The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Motivation

The Emotional Power of Touch

Touch is the human need that conveys emotional and physical closeness. Intimate body contact is required for mother and child bonding. The symbiosis of touch and being touched is what makes for intimacy in marriage. The significance of touch can differ in cultures and must be respected.

Why Loving Enemies Is Easier Than Forgiving Friends

We forgive easily when we understand someone has hurt us who doesn’t apparently have the capacity to love. But when a person betrays us who’s earned our trust; that’s a completely different matter.

Family and Friends – To Regret or To Reconcile?

FAMILY celebrations don’t always work out as we plan. Many end up with loved ones warring with each other. New wounds are inflicted or old ones are reopened. So much senseless grief and pain. There is hardly a more salient love than familial love – hurts more than it should, and we forgive more than we should. Rightly or wrongly, all this came to me in a single moment’s vision.

When the Best of Family Makes Us Sad

TWENTY-FIRST birthday parties are as poignant as ever, as was my daughter’s recently. I look at my four living children, especially my three-year-old son, and note, with sadness, that they all grow up. The other three have proven that.

Relationships: Why Do Some People End Up Feeling Needy When They Get In Touch With Their Needs?

Although having needs is part of being human, it doesn’t mean that everyone is in touch with them. There will be some people who are in touch with their needs, and there will be others who are not.

Attachment Theory For Adults and Couples

Attachment theory can be studied and dissected in a multitude of ways, but in its simplest form, it is described as a way to showcase the dynamics of interpersonal relationships between humans. This can start from parent-child relationships, friendships, and of course, romantic relationships. There are typically four sides to attachment theory that most models use to define it: Secure, Preoccupied, Dismissing, and Fearful.

Beginner’s Guide to Relationship Building

Relationships. Everyone’s got them. You may be wondering how to maintain them and build new ones.

Relationships: Is Someone Only Friends With You Because They Are Attracted To You?

On one hand, there is where one will meet someone who they will become friends with, and on the other hand, there is reason why they will become friends with them. And when it comes to where they can meet someone, this is not going to be limited to one place.�

Why Do Some People’s Relationships Come To An End When They Start To Work On Themselves?

On one hand, one’s life can be an expression of their true-self, and on the other hand, it can be an expression of their false-self. When it is an expression of the former, they are going to spend time with people who know they are.

The Transformation That Lasts Into Eternity

Manufacturers of cosmetics promise their products can transform an individual’s looks. The transformation they offer is usually temporary, and requires daily re-application. The Bible promises transformation into the image of God through faith in Jesus Christ. This change is forever. He brings us from the devil’s kingdom of darkness into His kingdom of light. Call on Jesus today!

The Wounded Healer’s High Relationship Pastoral Care

NEARLY ten years ago the Spirit of God introduced me to the concept of ‘travelling with.’ At that time, He had a special task for me: to travel with my eldest daughter as she was finishing school and entering into tertiary training. She was in a vulnerable place, not knowing what she wanted to do, and yet having the distractions of an adult world opening up to her. The Spirit gave me the image of travelling with as a metaphor for how my relationship with her was changing.

When You Are Being Nice, Are You Loving Or Controlling?

There can be a big difference in intent between being nice and being loving. Being nice might be manipulative, while being loving means being authentic.

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