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When you are in an LDR (long distance relationship), things are not always easy even though your love for your partner is present. For example, there may be times when you don’t see each other’s eyes, and then you go silent on the radio for a few days. It happens. With all the challenges you face, how do you know if your relationship is over? How do you know if you should stay together or just go the extra mile?

Reasons why you should stay together despite the challenges

In all long-distance relationships, it is always an advantage to have a plan. If you do not have one and do not plan to do so, it is a bad sign. Think about it, where does your relationship go when you don’t have a goal that you are achieving together as a couple? If you have a specific plan, this is a good start. Here are some other good signs to keep in mind:

1. You have been separated before and have survived.

If a couple has already been able to separate, it improves their chances of surviving another separation. For example, one person in the relationship has to visit different countries to work. The chances of the relationship surviving are high because the couple already knows what to do.

2. The distance is temporary.

Our previous example of a relationship person jumping from country to country also applies to this article. The other person knows that their partner will finally return home. On the other hand, if you are an LDR couple and you plan to move to another country together after 5 years of being yours, this will also work.

3. You take the relationship seriously.

If you don’t want to let go and are willing to put in the extra effort to make things work, it’s worth overcoming all the challenges and arguments. Your partner needs to feel the same way so you can be together and work things out.

If you haven’t noticed any signs of your relationship, you still have time to improve. But if you’ve communicated or talked about all of the above plans, it’s really the most important way to stay together despite the challenges. For more relationship tips, read other blog posts.

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