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Dale Carnegie Secrets – How To Influence People And Have Power Over Them

Do you need some help getting people to listen to you? Do you often feel you are not very influential in your work or love life? This article will give you some practical ways to be heard.

True Love Waits – Taking the Pledge

True Love Waits is the pledge which is tied to the abstinence movement which has become quite prevalent throughout the country. This pledge is taken amongst many young social conservatives, and is offered in many private schools and religious communities.

Promise Rings for Any Occasion

Promises that can’t be kept should never be made. For this reason, many people will choose to wear promise rings as a daily reminder of the promise they have made. Honesty (or lack of it) can really define a person.

Confidence with Women – Ride the Wave!

Confidence with women is a tough topic to talk about. Many men wont even begin to say that they are bad with women. They don’t want the blow to the ego. Most men will not cold approach a random group or hottie in the bar. They just don’t have what it takes but there are some tricks you can use to get the social momentum swinging in your favor and help you when when approaching women.

Why Did My Boyfriend Dump Me?

This is an old age question. Why am I getting dumped? What did I do?

How to Stop a Man From Playing Mind Games With You! Here Is How to Turn the Tables on Him

Men just love to play these double games with their women, not because they love them but because they cannot help themselves from playing such games. But there is a way to stop them from playing these mind games with you and stop them you must.

How to Get the Courage to Approach a Guy and Get Rid of Nervousness? Effective Tactics Which Work

In matters related to the heart if you procrastinate and wait you will be left waiting for the rest of your life. When you like a guy you have to make sure that you make it known to him otherwise someone else will steal him from you. If you have never had the guts or the courage to approach a guy then read on and follow the simple tips discussed below.

How to Attract a Guy Who Does Not Seem to Care About You at All? This Will Work for You

You seem to be in a pretty dump not to have the guy you care for attracted to you. Perhaps he’s not been in the same mode as you and hence has not noticed you, so you have to invent or churn up some other ways to attract a guy who does not seem to care.

How Do I Make Sure That a Man Never Mistreats Me? This Is What You Will Have to Stick To

No relationship is worth it if the woman is abused and mistreated in it. When a man mistreats his woman it breaks her emotionally, financially and physically. If you want to prevent this from happening to you then here are a few pointers as to what you should do.

How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out Who Seems Too Hard to Have? Here Is How You Should Tackle Him

Have you wasted a lot of time wondering if you could ever make the guy notice you and ask you out even though he seems out of your league? The main thing is to stop wasting any more time and take a definite step towards him. At least you will have tried! Don’t let anyone – even you – tell you that you are not good enough for him! Here are some tips to help you along.

How to Figure a Guy Out! 7 Great Tips Which Will Help You Figure Any Guy Out Real Fast

Girls do not know how to figure a guy out when they do not see any signs of assurance. Is the guy serious or playing around? How can a girl figure out a guy without the right indications from him?

How to Deal With Your Guy When He Is Hiding His Feelings? Discover All His Hidden Feelings

Most men are not articulate about their feelings and don’t express it in as many words. They generally leave it to their women to decipher their true feelings. However, sometimes you notice that he is deliberately trying to hide his true feelings. Here is what you can do so that he is more open about how he feels. Take your pick.

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