Top 10 GREEN Flags To Look For In A Man! – Signs He Is Great For You!

Is Unconditional Love Realistic?

Most of us would enjoy the experience of being loved unconditionally by someone. This is the experience we needed when we were growing up, but most parents are not connected enough with themselves and their spiritual guidance to be able to offer this. Is it realistic now to expect it from a partner?

Relationships: What Happens When Someone Is Always Told What To Do?

No matter what one has achieved or how old they are, they are going to times when they need another person’s guidance. And through another person’s guidance, one will learn about what they need to do in order to move forward in life or to undertake a certain task for instance.

Is Your Relationship A Sinking Ship? How to Unload the Excess Cargo!

Relationships begin with a hint of magic, a dash of hope and a lot of faith. Love is inspiring; it lifts our spirits and allows our dreams to soar to fruition. It’s like a magnetic force of energy that calls us to become the best we can be. In the beginning… that was then and this is now. Is your relationship floundering like a sinking ship?

The Secret To Attracting The Man You Want (Or The Man You’re With): Being In Your Feminine Energy

One of the best ways to attract the man you want – or the man you’re already with – is to make sure you’re in your feminine energy when you’re with him. Here’s how to do it.

Kind Words Last

The words we use, both to ourselves and to other people, have a profound effect on our lives. The writer describes how observations and evaluations couched in negative words can “nip talent in the bud,” whilst kind words can engender real greatness.

Using the Laws of Nature to Get Over A Heart Break – Break Up

There are a few things you can be guaranteed of in life. One is you will eventually leave the planet (die) and the other is you are going to get your heart broken. You might not get heart break because of a relationship, it could even be money that’s the cause, but either way, sometime in the future, you are going to deal with a heart break at least once, if not, more. I’ve helped people through relationship heartbreak, financial heartbreak, being fired heartbreak, getting serious disease heartbreak. And I’ve gone down those and many others myself. I am, at the end of the day, the most experienced person I know at dealing with heartbreak. So, I speak with authority on the topic. I’n not famous as a “heart breaker,” I’m famous as the “heart opener” So, I want to share with you the tools to deal with a heart break when it happens: If you are not experiencing a heartbreak right now, I suggest you put this blog article in your “one day this will be interesting basket.” I promise you, for yourself or someone else, it’s a valuable save.

Relationships: Why Can’t Some People Maintain Eye Contact?

There are many things that one can do to make a positive impression and this is going to include the impression one makes when they meet someone for the first time and in their existing relationships. And as human beings are not perfect, it is only natural that they are going to do things from time to that will not create a positive impression. This is part of life and will not only depend on what one does; it will also depend on how the other person interprets what they do.

Are You Tired of Always Catering To Someone Else’s Life and Feelings?

It is time to stop sacrificing your welfare, your life and your future for someone who is only looking out for themselves. If you find that you are always the one to cater to other people and they are taking advantage of you, then stop. Yes, yes, I know that you can’t stop right away, cold turkey. However, once you become consciously aware of what you have been doing, you can now take steps to take yourself away from the person who is being selfish and start focusing on your own welfare and your own well-being.

Why Does He Pull Away and What Do I Do About It?

Ever wonder why, just when things are going great, your guy pulls away and ignores or avoids you? It’s frustrating, maddening, discouraging. We wonder what we did wrong. We follow him to see if we hurt his feelings or made him mad to alienate him like this. We want to make it all better as soon as possible. No, no, no! Bad call. Read on…

Online Chat Rooms – More Than Just Online Friendship

The article provides some interesting and informative revelations on the factors that make free chat rooms unique. The primary highlight of the article is that these rooms offer more than just friendship. This is because most people visit these rooms to look for answers in addition to friendship.

The Benefit of Online Free Chat Rooms

Using selected examples, the article explains why online chat rooms play the role of more than a just an online friendship platform. The examples reveal that friendship is being viewed as necessary but not the core objective of most online chat rooms. The core objectives are defined by the shared interests that attract and retain members in these chat rooms.

Why You Should Live Together First – Then Get Married

Unless living together violates a moral or religious principal, you have likely entertained the idea if you are in a serious relationship. It is fairly common, but what are the best reasons to live together before marrying your partner?

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