Two personality traits needed for a committed relationship

If you had to choose ONLY two shots you need for a committed relationship: traits that MUST have your ideal partner, what would they be?

What makes these traits absolutely necessary to have a wonderful relationship?

Think about it for a moment and list them. Now watch this video:

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He did yours non-negotiable do the personality traits match the ones they were talking about?

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According to Ty Tashiro (the video psychologist), emotional stability i kindness they are the soul of a happy and lasting relationship.

He says these two traits will predict whether you and your husband will be together to support him, or whether you will just leave him.

Do you agree with that? But before we answer that, let’s take a closer look:

TIP # 1: Less drama, more happiness in relationships?

Therefore, Tashiro states that if couples are less prone to mood swings and have a positive view of the world, they are likely to last for decades and decades to come.

To me, that makes sense: guys (myself included) would rather go out with a girl than they are predictable in the sense that it will not surprise us with emotional ups and downs, nor will it fight over something trivial.

Guys don’t tell you that, but we want someone who doesn’t complicate their lives because we are generally NOT big fans of the unnecessary relationship drama. Of course, the occasional discussion about something that really matters is okay.

But if a guy spends too much time fighting for the relationship instead of enjoying it, he will probably reconsider his options and an exit strategy.

# 2: The curious case of the nice girl

Tashiro says that “kindness”Is the key to a happy relationship because such people have a lot of empathy.

A couple who cares about your perspective means that they are more generous when it comes to emotional support and affection.

Most importantly, also a “nice” couple. it doesn’t write down: give freely and trust that your partner will return the same in the future.

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However, he noted that these same people “have a bad reputation in dating” for being nice, which often perceived has tea negative taken away.

As I see it, people see goodness as a weakness ONLY when “being kind” leads to “being pushy.”

When you’re too nice, you’ll endure bad behavior, which means people will I respect you less for that.

For example, I have helped many women get their feet wet with men who treat them like backup oa booty call.

I had to make them understand that the longer they tolerate ill-treatment, the more their husbands will continue to act in the same way.

So being kind is still a good thing as long as you know when to draw the line and keep the guys from walking you all over the place. In short, I am on the same page as Tashiro in this case.

But what do you think?

Are you telling the truth or are your two main personality traits totally different?

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UPDATED ON 9/30/2021

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