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Is the Dating Game Worth It? Is Anyone Winning?

Does anyone stay together anymore? A 51% divorce rate is just the norm these days, yet many are eager to jump into the next relationship at the drop of a hat. After one date we are changing our Facebook status and planning out our futures. Lifelong commitment nor serial monogamy seem to be working. We have a fear of commitment but fearlessly jump into every relationship without thinking clearly. Relationships, like jobs have changed tremendously in the past 50 years. It used to be that you find a good company and retire there. Today, jobs change every few years and relationships change even faster. Is there a winner here?

Make Your Life A Masterpiece And Girls Will Beg To Join You

The easiest way to get girls is to get them to want you. Focus on creating a masterpiece of your life, and girls will follow.

Are You A Big Dog Or A Little Dog?

Big dogs get the girls. Little dogs get to watch TV on the weekends.

Secrets Of Unconscious Attraction For Massive Seduction

How to create massive desire in her on an unconscious level. And how to get her to chase you.

What Kind Of Relationship Do You Want?

All you’ve got to do is choose what you want, and go after it. This is just as true with women as anything else.

Dating Again at 40

Mature dating. Important issues to consider before you start dating.

The Famous Opinion Opener To Start Conversations With Gorgeous Girls

This is a very famous, very useful and very versatile opener. Here’s how to use it properly.

Do Men Really Love “Bitchy” Women?

There are many women out there – who some people might call “bitchy” – and they always have several men chasing after them. It’s easy to assume that men love them BECAUSE they’re “bitchy” – but is this really the case? Find out here.

How To Find Romantic Trading Partners For Blissful Pleasure

There’s plenty of models that can apply to seduction. Here’s a particularly powerful one.

How To Make Her Insatiably And Irresistibly Hungry For You

Nothing feels better than a super cute girl who can’t get enough of you. Here’s how to create that wonderful feeling.

Relationship Advice – Top 10 Questions to Ask on Your First Date

One thing that makes dating so difficult is trying to keep the conversation lively and interesting. But how do you do that if you don’t know anything about the other person? Ask questions! But not just any questions – they need to be top questions that will help open conversation up.

Common Dating Faux Pas

Getting out on the dating scene? Here are a few common dating faux pas to avoid in order to have fun when dating.

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