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The Practical Advantages of Traditional Greeting Cards

The traditional paper-based greeting cards still has several advantages over other types of cards. For one thing, these cards seems a lot more sincere than the digital ones.

Relationships: Do We See Others As We Want Them To Be?

It is often said that in the very beginning of a relationship, one doesn’t see the other person for who they are, what they see is their own projections. So here, one will create all kinds of associations in their mind and attach these to the other person. The other person may even posses one of these associations or a couple of them.

Powers for Good and Evil

We learn a lot about a person by the way they use power. We all have power, some of which we may assume falsely; that which others give us. Then there is the legitimate power we are given; that for which we are responsible and accountable for. It may be the greatest test of life: are we seen and known as trustworthy in the discharge of the powers entrusted to us?

Relationships: What Are Your Relationships Mirroring Back To You?

Relationships can be fulfilling or unfulfilling and they also have the potential to create incredible satisfaction or immense frustration. There will be people who one can connect with without too many challenges appearing and others who cause one to question the human race. But regardless of what happens, relationships are a vital part of life and therefore can’t be avoided. The challenges can result in growth and enhance ones appreciation of relationships.

Relationships: Should Relationships Be Easy?

There are all kinds of ideas in the world as to how a relationship should be. These ideas are often shaped by popular culture, from influences such as Disney or Hollywood films. And by taking on board these perspectives, some people can come to expect relationships to be easy and straight forward.

Reconciling Responsibilities and Resentments

One of the biggest causes of many resentments is the matter of being made more responsible than we feel we ought to be; when someone expects us to do something, or play a role, we feel we are not responsible for. We sense the injustice and want to know why we are being made accountable for something that we see is not our responsibility. But the trouble with life is we are often made responsible for the things we see are not our responsibility at all. It’s a matter of incongruence.

Being One With Oneself

The greatest turmoil any of us will ever face is the inner turmoil we feel about ourselves. This article deals with the relationship we need to have with ourselves.

Are You Living Beneath Your Potential in Love and Purity With Women?

Our romantic relationships with women are arguably the most impactful relationships we have as adults. These relationships affect almost every area of our lives. Are we living beneath our potential in the most impactful relationships we will have on earth. Let’s talk about being real men on this issue and make sure we’re living up to our potential.

Relationships – Help! She Won’t Return My Texts Part 2

This is part two of my guide to curing your relationship and your life of the no-win-situation once and for all. Last time we talked about how the NWS is based on context rather than content. In this part, we will go deeper into the specifics of the new story you want to tell. And the exact actions to use to tell it.

Relationships – Help! She Won’t Answer My Texts Then 5 Days Later She Says She Still Loves Me

In this article, I’ll give you a brief overview of important aspects of the no-win-situation to be aware of. Then I’ll introduce you to the only known cure to the NWS.

Observing Yourself Helps You Understand How You Sabotage Your Relationships, What and How to Change

From early childhood on you learn to observe others: your parents, neighbors, friends, teachers and characters you read about in books. But have you ever been taught how to observe yourself? To look inwards, observe and review your thoughts, attitudes, judgments, reactions and behaviors? When you develop an intimate relationship you tend to observe and judge your partner’s behavior, ignoring and discarding your own. When conflicts and arguments arise between you, you blame your partner, not realizing that you should take at least partial responsibility and make appropriate changes. Observing yourself, therefore, is vital to understand how you sabotage your relationships and what changes you need to make.

Relationship Trouble – Flame-Thrower Her Cooled Off Interest – Four Step Suspense Building Guide.

Fear is keeping you from taking the bold actions that will get her attention. Stop being careful and start your adventure with this four step guide to overcoming your fear.

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