What does your body language tell you?

The best way to find out what’s going on in a boy’s mind is to ask him what his body language tells you.

A reader’s question today is asked body language

And I have an interesting twist on this:


Carlos, I could spend all night reading the forum and I love emails!

As mentioned, there is someone I work with and when I am in their office on work related issues

index What does your body language tell you?

He always, okay not ALWAYSbut he often sits in his chair, his hands on his head and stretches and then clasps his hands behind his head.

Does that mean something or just stopped working and is really just stretching? It happened the two times I was in his office today.

We have one physical attraction and I joke a lot, but I don’t date men I work with.




Great! I am pleased to hear that …

These are juicy things, aren’t they?

Well, my mock answer to your question might be: If you don’t have a partner with guys at work, why ask? ⁇

Besides, it looks like you already know where it is, right?

But I understand you. You want to know WHAT your body language means.

]Sometimes it means nothing. In fact, focusing on body language is often a waste of time.

I always advise women that their gut will always say when there is something in their body language, and that should be a sign for stay alert – There is something.

Most of the time, being reactive to body language is not the mindset to work with. It’s always thinking from a “react to their signals” mindset that strips you.

In that case, he was probably relaxing. It is an open posture that shows confidence and comfort. It’s not a direct flirtation.

images3 What does your body language tell you?

When you enter, it is open, relaxed and welcoming. And he’s probably mentally breaking up with everything he’s focused on. But there is not much else.

Remember, the only signal you need is: Are you talking to me?

If so, then THE GAME BEGINS!

Well, with a guy you don’t work with, of course!


Seriously, that’s it not more body language you need. Anything else you are looking for just makes you anxious and puts it in your head.

Constantly trying to figure out where you stand through body language kills your open and present environment.

As Obi Wan Kenobi said in “Star Wars”: “Your eyes can fool you, don’t trust them!”

Oh, and may the Force accompany you …

Yours in perfect passion …

– Carlos Cavallo

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