What is your dating plan?

Or do you leave it at the serendipity?

So … while watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, did you all think Matthew Stafford and Joe Burrow probably decided to convert?


big quarterbacks at some point when they were in college? Of course not, it’s nonsense. Both of them have certainly been working on their careers since they were teenagers.

And you all decided to succeed in your career at some point when you were 35-40, right? Again, this is ridiculous. My clients usually started planning successful careers when they were in college (and maybe before).

And for those of you who run marathons, or are great master swimmers, you woke up one day and said, “We’re running the Boston / New York Marathon today, aren’t we?” Of course not, as it would be crazy.

What’s my point?

My point is that whether it’s Mathew Stafford or Joe Burrow, or any of you, all the successful people were successful because he had a plan to succeed.

What do most plans have in common? In my experience, most professional and personal success plans contain

1. Set a goal and a date to achieve that goal.

2. Hire a coach / mentor / expert to advise you on the steps to follow to achieve your goal

3. Collaborate with your advisor to set milestones along the way.

4. Follow the advice of your hired advisor carefully.

My point is that no successful person just wakes up one day and is successful. And no one (over 30 years old !!) wakes up one day and is in the relationship they want. You need to plan and think about the sea of ​​online dating.


So let’s take a step back from what I talked about on Saturday: if you want to have a relationship with someone you like, love, or enjoy spending time with, now is the time to start. And I can help you do it effectively, efficiently … while you have fun!

1. Our goal: a relationship before May 1st. That gives us 10 weeks. Oh yes, doable!

2. Hire a dating coach: This will absolutely speed up the process. This will help you navigate the online dating system faster with your knowledge and tips. Watch this video for some tips: https://www.33000dates.com/news-videos

3. Important appointments along the way: A good dating coach can take care of most of these and give you a timeline. Your most important job is to provide great photos in a timely manner. If you have them, great. If you don’t, we can take care of it in less than a week.

4. Now, follow your coach’s advice and your learning curve will be fast. No, your best friends are not experts in this area or your mother or therapist. Follow up with your coach, talk weekly, change your path … and you’ll be on a new spring / summer romance.

Maybe the above makes it sound easy. I’m not saying everything is rainbow and sun, but a good plan is generally effective and has good results. As I always say, “There’s a lid for every pot.”


I’m available for a 10 minute chat to see if it fits well with my schedule and for me … ohhh, I almost forgot to say — a great attitude makes online dating so much more fun and the results are done!

XoXo Andrea

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