What To Do When He Wants Space! Secrets Of Men REVEALED – Ask Mark #89

Oh, How Life Changes

Remember when you were born? Remember when you grew up? Remember life?

Can We Run Out Of Love?

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Love never decreases by being shared. ~Chinese Proverb There seems to be a myth that love is scarce – that there is only so much to go around.

Getting Your Guy Back – Is It For The Right Reasons?

Surviving a break up can be a true heart wrenching experience regardless if you broke up with him or he broke up with you. There is just no way around it; it will have an impact on your life.

Cleaning It All Up

Last week I strongly encouraged a client to do something that she was dragging her feet about doing for over a month. I pushed her harder than I ever had for the simple reason that she was having consistent little breakthroughs with various relationships and I knew, in my gut, a big circumstance in her life that needed cleaning up would open the door for a huge breakthrough with a particular person in her life.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Repeat Unhealthy Relationship Patterns?

Just because one is with someone who looks different to the person they were in a relationship with before, it doesn’t mean that their experience is going to be any different. And if ones last experience was generally healthy and functional, this is not going to be something that one is going to complain about.

Are You Too Focused On Finding Mr Right?

Trying to find someone perfect can be dangerous and disappointing. Here’s a helpful perspective to finding joy… and your man!

Can I Really Improve My Relationship If I Attend Counseling Alone?

Many people have the impression that couples counseling can only be effective if both partners attend and participate. Not so!

When You Love Someone Who Doesn’t Love You – Do You Die A Little Every Day?

When did it happen, how did it happen; you are in a relationship that you think is wonderful and then you realize, the one you love, doesn’t love you back? Is it a sudden realization? How do we know, and what do we do?

Relationships: Do Some People’s Childhoods Set Them Up To Feel Comfortable With Abuse?

While some people feel comfortable with relationships that are healthy and functional, there are other people who feel comfortable with relationships that are unhealthy and dysfunctional. There are going to be people who have relationships that are unhealthy and they are aware of this. And there are going to be other people who have relationships that are unhealthy, but are not aware of it.

Women – Allow No One To Take You For Granted

Women, it is better to be single, while working on your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual growth, than it is to be in a relationship where you are over-looked as if you are an over-emotional, temper-throwing child who should be ignored until the adults are ready for you. It doesn’t matter who fought for you as a woman to have rights, you are a human being and no one should feel that they have a right to relegate you to the back seat until you have calmed down and until they are ready for you.

Organise A Slightly Weird But Definitely Unique Hen Night

If you want a unique hen night, you might just have to consider some slightly odd possibilities. Think ‘outside the box’ and there are so many options.

A Unique Hen Night To Rejuvenate The Mind, Body and Soul

It may not be the most unique hen night idea, but the bride-to-be will thank you for a day of pampering. What more could a lady want from a day with her friends?

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