Where to take photos for online profiles

Where to take photos for online profiles

Not sure how good your online dating photos are? Need some new stuff but don’t know where to start? Grab a friend, a mom, a sister, a cousin, a co-worker, whatever, and head to one or more of these places for a good backdrop!

Roofs in Atlanta

The rooftops of Atlanta are a great place to enjoy a good view of the city and even better lighting. Our favorite places to take pictures are: Gypsy Kitchen, St. Julep, New Realm Brewing, The Rooftop at The Clermont Hotel, Ponce City Market (please note that there is a rooftop coverage charge).

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Inner background for good photos:

The Porsche Experience is close to the airport and has a museum! Think of sitting next to a retro Porsche! This could cause a guy to send you messages very quickly. Also, if you’re a guy, it’s not so awkward to take a picture in front of a great car! Another great option could be playing boules or skiing at Ormsby’s in West Midtown. The St. Regis Atlanta is another great indoor spot with good lighting, tea time, a dark bar and a patio. With a good flash, a great image is possible.

Outdoor backgrounds for good photos:

When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, you should go outside to get the best pictures. Lighting is important to make you look good. Have a cocktail at Canoe’s open-air bar. Have the river in the background, the huge trees and the Adirondack chairs. If you park in Park Tavern in Midtown, you can get a one-minute bike ride. Your friend can take a picture of you riding and smiling. Bonus: If you travel, have your friend take a picture of you in front of great places!

Do you have a hobby? Get someone involved in your favorite activity! Be it painting, working wood, making artisanal cocktails or a beer kit, or going to a winery, playing golf, writing creatively, you with your plants, or even cooking or cooking! The goal of online dating is to stand out, to look different from other singles you’re competing with, so showing your hobby can make you look more interesting.

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